Jun 23

Frederik Nielsen/David O’Hare – Nicolas Barrientos/Jaume Pla Malfeito (TENNIS PICKS) 23.06.2016

Frederik Nielsen/David O’Hare – Nicolas Barrientos/Jaume Pla Malfeito play today 23.06.2016 at 12.30 ITF MEN – Palma Del Rio (Spain), hard

Game belonging to the ITF Spain F18 that is disputed in Palm of the Rio and which games are disputed at high hours of the evening and they manage to prolong until the night and the dawn even due to the high temperatures that we all know that they exist in Andalusia in these dates.

I am going to trust in the favorites here in spite of that the quota of 2-0 is not very high in comparison with the simple one, remember that before there was more difference but bet365 fitted quotas and what before would be @1.9 more or less now is a @1.72, one lamentable difference between the quota for the simple victory and 2-0.

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The case is that I like it the path that seeds are following in the tilt first. Nielsen is a doblista top70 that triumphs to level challenger and also it plays to level ATP, in fact he has been a champion of Wimbledon together with Jonathan Marray so everything says it, but also she likes to compete in individuals and because of it it is doing this tour along Spain because if it wanted to compete only in doubles it would do it in tilts ATP in grass that in addition he likes, his decision is not understood very much, but this way pace can add up in track jugadno also individuals where in ITF it must add victories also, nevertheless it was eliminated this week in the first round and it is centred only on the dobles playing with the Irish O’Hare who directly alone has played doubles.

This year of fact they have come to two ends of the circuit challenger (a category above) winning very top rivals that those of this tilt, since for example to Chiudinelli/Stakhovsky that in spite of not be implying can play the dobles and of fact the Ukrainian has level ATP and in occasions exceeded in spite of his irregularity.

Here flojita suffered the first set before a Spanish couple in the first round, gaining 7-6 6-0, but then 6-1 6-3 woke up and won Boutiller/Lescure that already were a few serious rivals and 6-1 6-1 to Ribeiro/Zapata, which were lower but they are good players and it was a beating that shows that they are very motivated and are not for bilges.

His rivals of today in final sound the Colombian Barrientos, who was top75 in doubles and nowadays i seeks to enter to top100 but it has it very complicated since it does not have stable couple and only it plays futures or challengers because he does not forget his career in singles and the Spanish Jaume Pla Malfeito, the weak point of the couple either. Very irregular player, who does not stand out in doubles and of fact it is out of top700 and in individuals it means it but in occasions it loses with sluggish players.

Bet Nielsen/O’Hare 2-0 to win ! Odds 1.80 !

Jun 15

Becker B. – Zverev A. (TENNIS PICKS) 15.06.2016

Becker B.-Zverev A. play today 15.06.2016 at 12.30 ATP – SINGLES: Halle (Germany), grass – 1/8-finals .

Regards, we go there again with the young person German that so good result has given in the today day and whom I see clear favorite tomorrow.

Well, I hurt between Germans, Alexander Zverev faces Benjamin Becker in a duel in my unequal enough opinion, where the factor to bearing in mind and principal weapon on the part of Becker is extract and on him it will be based to give the surprise. Alexander for your part has adapted very well to the German tracks of grass in spite of his few games overcoming clearly Troicki, and in the paragraph tenĂ­stico is top and like that I think that one will see.

I do not lengthen any more this prediction since yesterday I put one on the same slightly more detailed player and do not see necessarily to repeat everything. The quota seems to me to be acceptable seeing the rivals like that that luck to whom it takes this prediction.

Bet Becker win the game ! Odds. 2.40

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Jun 08

Stepanek R. – Cilic M. (TENNIS PICKS) 08.06.2016

Stepanek R.-Cilic M. play today 08.06.2016 at 17.30 SINGLES: Stuttgart (Germany), grass – 1/8-finals.

We go with a bet in Germany, more concretely in the tracks of grass in Stuttgart.

Marin cilic faces the veteran Radek Stepanek, we go with the victory of the first one.

Marin Cilic does not come from a good Roland Garros, losing before Trungelleti in a game in the one that was a clear favorite. But the tracks of land are not those that better give him. This grass is very rapid, a surface that him is OK to the Croatian. The past season marked a record of 7/3 on grass. Before RG, it lost with Wawrinka in Swiss lands but it gained 2-0 to players of entity as Ferrer, Delbonis or Gulbis.

For your part, Stepanek has to his favor have played already 3 games in these tracks, but before less dangerous rivals to Cilic, since they are Mektic, Ward and Istomin. I finalize this one with more level that him has had against the ropes, doing one 3/10 in in balls of break. For your part, Radek has taken advantage of 3 of his 4 balls of break that has had. I believe sincerely that this being overvalued to the Czech, player that this happening previous and extracting many divided before players of low level, but losing before the really good ones. Truth is that it took Murray to the fifth set in RG, but the conditions of the game with many parones and rains benefited him.

In short, this bet is a half to think that Cilic is top and a half that bass-drum being met very much to Radek by 37 plugs, but the tops 20 are not for too many bilges.

Bet Cilic Marian win the game ! odds.1.50

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Jun 01

Djokovic N. – Berdych T. (TENNIS PICKS) 02.06.2016

Djokovic N.-Berdych T. play today 02.06.2016 at 12.00 ATP SINGLES: French Open (France), clay
Game of quarters of end of the opened one of francia… Novak Djokovic tries to remain for first you see with this tilt, and with the absence of federer and nadal, this one every you see mas near obtaining it. But before it has to conquer Berdych that comes of less to mas in the tilt… Berdych comes of conquering very well Ferrer and Djokovic of conquering a very weak player as Bautista-Agut (though I from him steal this one a set).
Though Djokovic is going to earn the game. I think that it is very possible that Berdych manages to snatch a set because of it I go for this bet of mas of 3.5 set … stake 1 … luck and regards

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Apr 21

Tennis pick for Djokovic N. (Srb) – Nadal R. (Esp)

The tennis game between Djokovic N. (Srb) – Nadal R. (Esp) , in the tournament ATP – SIMPLU: Monte Carlo (Monaco), zgura, is a very good oportunity to make some money at sportsbetting.

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This is a real oportunity to earn some good cash. Bet on this match and you will win for sure! We guarantee.

These players have met in the past also, finishing the game with a final score of: Djokovic N. (Srb) – Nadal R. (Esp) 1-3

Great news, this game is live-text here.

Stay cool when placing your bets!