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About Davis Cup Predictions

In tennis, the team competitions of the countries among the men are called the Davis Cup.

Davis Cup Predictions

The qualified countries play a kind of team tournament in certain groups. The trophy dates back to the beginning of the 19th century, when a 21-year-old student donated this trophy. The groups are structured hierarchically, similar to other sports. In the best world group currently play the best national teams for the win: the Davis Cup.
In the World Group, the best 16 nations are eligible to start. On the second level there are three parallel groups (America with 6 nations, Europe-Africa with 12 nations and Asia-Oceania with 6 nations). A descent from the World Group is therefore bitter for the affected nation, as a resurgence is not so easy due to this constellation.

A Davis Cup game consists of two separate games on Day 1 (usually a Friday). On the following day the double takes place and on the third day the last two singles. The team that has won at least three of five games is the winner. The game is played on three winning sets.
There is one exception as soon as the winner is known: then usually only two sets of wins are played.

Typical for Davis Cup matches are the very emotional games in which the home team often tries with all tricks to gain an advantage. The good manners of tennis as well as the fairness partly suffer from it. On the other hand, that’s the special charm of the Davis Cup.

So also games of the supposed underdogs against established professionals are exciting and with an open end. This is also because of the fact that a clay court is more like a sandbox or the hall floor makes the balls slip off, so that you could use a golf club for the return.

Unfortunately, in recent years, many top players of the respective countries have renounced the Davis Cup because they want or need to use the few breaks for regeneration.

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