Melbourne City are aiming for the title in Australia this season, but to finish in the top two at the end of the regular season they need a victory at Newcastle Jets.
Will the guests succeed in the third victory against the Jets this season?
Online bookmakers see City as their favorite. But let’s see how the two teams look before this game.

Alex de Minaur: Team form, news and statistics

Alex de Minaur is a 21-year-old Australian, ranked 28th in the ATP.
And de Minaur is a great talent, an athlete who has been ranked 18th in the world and is growing visibly from year to year. Minaur seems to me to be one of the best players on the field, being extremely fast, and this matters a lot in today’s tennis even if at the moment he is not as good on defense as Medvedev for example.
But Alex has a solid, aggressive game, and this quarterfinal at such a young age will give him confidence.
In 2019 he has the quarterfinals in Brisbane, the title in Sydney, the quarterfinals in Acapulco, the quarterfinals in s’Hertogenbosch, the title in Atlanta, the title in Zhuhai and the final in Basel.
And in 2020 it has no performance.
Alex is very fickle, participating two weeks ago in ATP Cincinnati, where he lost very clearly with Struff after two short sets.


– 6-4 6-3 7-5 with Martin (98th place ATP), winning 70% balls with the first serve, 50% with the second, offering 8 break points (6 saved)
– 6-4 6-3 6-7 7-5 with Gasquet (51st place ATP), winning 80% balls with the first service, 45% with the second, offering 9 break points (6 saved)
– 6-4 0-6 4-6 6-3 6-1 with Khachanov (16th place ATP), winning 69% balls with the first service, 44% with the second, offering 10 break points (5 saved)
– 7-6 6-3 6-2 with Pospisil (94th place ATP), winning 80% balls with the first service, 62% with the second, offering 2 break balls (1 saved)

Dominic Thiem: Team form, news and statistics

Dominic Thiem is a 27-year-old Austrian, ranked 3rd in the ATP.
And Thiem has now become the main favorite for the title here, and thanks to the game but also the ranking.
Dominic showed an incredible game with Aliassime, impressing everyone, important journalists saying about him that he looks like a world number 1.
The problem comes to mind.
Yesterday we saw probably the weakest quarterfinal in the history of the US Open in the Zverev-Coric match, both Zverev and Shapovalov later in the night declaring that all players are very nervous and under a lot of pressure, having the chance after 6 years to win a grand slam.
Obviously, with Nole or Nadal they will not have too soon, so here everyone is under a lot of pressure, being the tournament of their career, potential.
But Thiem is more mature, already having 3 grand slam finals in his record, so I think he will manage the situation better.
In 2019 he has semifinals in Buenos Aires, title in Indian Wells, title in Barcelona, ​​semifinals in Madrid, final in Roland Garros, quarterfinals in Hamburg, title in Kitzbuhel, quarterfinals in Montreal, title in Beijing, quarterfinals in Shanghai, title in Vienna and final at ATP Finals.
And in 2020 he has a final at the Australian Open and a quarter-final in Rio de Janeiro.
Thiem also played for ATP Cincinnati, being very clearly defeated by Krajinovic.


– 7-6 6-3 with Munar (105th place ATP, score at which he retired), winning 72% balls with the first service, 60% with the second, offering 7 break balls (5 saved)
– 6-3 6-3 6-2 with Nagal (124th place ATP), winning 71% balls with the first service, 72% with the second, offering 8 break balls (6 saved)
– 6-2 6-2 3-6 6-3 with Cilic (38th place ATP), winning 87% balls with the first service, 47% with the second, offering 8 break balls (7 saved)
– 7-6 6-1 6-1 with Aliassime (21st place ATP), winning 75% balls with the first service, 68% with the second, offering 3 break balls (2 saved)

⚽️Statistics of direct matches Alex de Minaur vs Dominic Thiem

In the direct meetings the score is 2-0 for Thiem, the last one taking place in 2018 in the Davis Cup when Dominic won 6-4 6-2 3-6 6-4.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Alex de Minaur vs Dominic Thiem

Alex de Minaur was quite inconsistent this year, even in this tournament, for example the match with Khachanov when he lost the set to zero. His service is average, and lately he has been prone to double faults, having here 4 with Martin, 8 with Gasquet, 6 with Khachanov and 2 with Pospisil. Dominic Thiem is the favorite to win this US Open, the question being whether he can withstand this pressure mentally.
But Dominic has played very well so far, being in many matches even dominant, and his service has been careful.
As doubles he has 2 with Munar, 1 with Nagal, 2 with Cilic and 2 with Aliassime. I thus consider that Minaur will make several double mistakes, my prognosis going on this idea at a rate offered by Betano.

Bet Tips: Alex de Minaur makes several double mistakes
Odds: 1.50