So read all you need to know about how to bet on tennis matches and become a pro tipster or a pro bettor.

How to bet on tennis

How to bet on tennis – betting guide & tennis tips


  • How to bet on tennis matches

Probably the most popular sport in the world of betting, after football. Its dynamics and presence on the agenda almost daily undoubtedly add up to have established itself as one of the favorite activities of bettors, especially in regard to live betting. In this space we will make an analysis about how to bet on tennis from certain essential issues to the many available alternatives and some tips.

The first step:

Undoubtedly, the first step, as with any sport, is to be in topic. In this case we are not faced with a team discipline (except doubles) but against an individual game, so certain tactics, strategies and modalities can change. In any case, the information for the bettor is not only a right; it is neither more nor less than power. And when it comes to betting on tennis, the list of factors that must be taken into account is really extensive.


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The second step:

Betting live on a tennis match you have to watch the event in real time. This point should be non-negotiable. From there, once the chosen event, it is essential to make a thorough study of the protagonists. In that sense, it is worth investigating in relation to the latest results, titles obtained, present in the physical (recent injuries, fatigue) and in the soul, performance on the surface that the game will be given, “face to face” / “head to head ” between both players and even in the weather (rain, humidity, temperature), often influential in the processing of the game and the performance of some players. To access the most complete statistics in the antechamber of a match, the ATP page in Spanish is the indicated site.

Sometimes the timing of the season can influence: at the beginning, some players are still performing the set-up, which may not reach the first matches. Also, it is important to note that when a player returns to a tournament in which he had a very good performance in the previous year, he will need to repeat or improve that work so as not to descend in the ranking. As for the fitness of the athletes, a good idea to follow their news is to be aware of Twitter, where many of them present their news first hand and eventually even hint at their emotional state.

The tennis analysis should also be carried out around the quotas, which logically are not the same in all bookmakers. In this regard, the bettor who is registered with more than one operator will have an advantage, since he will be able to choose one of the most convenient options in a highly competitive market such as tennis.


  • What to bet or how much to bet on tennis

The variants to bet on tennis are the most extensive, starting naturally for the winner of the match. A good way to improve the odds when a clear favorite is presented is to bet on the exact result in sets (2-0 or 2-1). Over / Under bets are also very popular in tennis: you can bet on the number of sets (Less than 2.5 or More than 2.5) and for the total number of games (Less than 21.5 or More than 21.5 ). In all cases these are figures by way of example, which of course vary depending on the match and the tournament. It is also possible to bet on the duration of the match, whether there will be tie break or not, the winner of the first set or the champion of a tournament, among other things.

Other interesting markets and very famous in the field of tennis are handicap bets, aimed at the number of games won by each tennis player. Suppose Rafael Nadal and Fernando Verdasco face each other, two options could be Rafael Nadal -5.5 games and Fernando Verdasco +5.5 games. To bet on the first and win, Nadal would have to make a difference of at least 6 games in his favor. For example, a double 6-3, which in games would be 12-6; when subtracting 5.5 to 12, 6.5 remain, so the final result with the handicap in question would be 6.5 to 6 in favor of Nadal.

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  • Tennis strategies and tennis tips

One of the most common tactics for beginning bettors is to base their moves on the “face to face” between the protagonists, as long as there is a difference of at least three games for one of the two. With respect to favorites, it is not always the best decision to bet on them; They can have a bad day or face a rival of lesser hierarchy but in a day of great inspiration. After all, the fees are usually very low and the risk is much greater than the possible profits.

The best choice to obtain the returns of a favorite’s victory may be to bet that he loses the first set. To implement this strategy, it must place your bet on  professional tennis betting tips !