The ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament takes place in Rotterdam, and in this analysis I will detail the match of the second round between Alexander Bublik and Andrey Rublev, to conclude with the related bet.
Rotterdam is a town of 651,000 inhabitants, being the largest port in Europe.
This tournament is big, ATP 500, with a prize pool of 2,013,855 euros.
The host is the Rotterdam Ahoy complex, which has land covered with a fast, indoor hard.
The contest table includes Goffin, Aliassime, Rublev or Monfils.

Alexander Bublik: Team shape, news and statistics

◾️ Alexander Bublik is a 22-year-old Kazakh, who ranks 56th in the ATP.
◾️ And Bublik has a lot of talent, a fit for tennis, 1.98m high, but a deeply negative attitude at many times.
◾️ Thus he sometimes exaggerates with fanciful blows, he makes many mistakes, even recently declaring that he hates tennis and does not want to be on the field.
◾️ In 2019 he has the title of the challenger in Budapest, the title of the challenger in Pau, the title of the challenger in Monterrey, the semifinals of the challenger in Leon, the final in Newport and the final in Chengdu.
◾️ In 2020 it has no performance.
◾️ Last week Bublik took part in ATP Montpellier, losing in the second round with Goffin (10th place ATP), after a balanced game.

🔺Here:– 6-3 6-7 6-4 with Barrere (90th place ATP), winning 87% balls with the first service, 61% with the second service, offering 2 break balls (both saved)

Andrey Rublev: Team shape, news and statistics

◾️ Andrey Rublev is a 22-year-old Russian, ranked 15th ATP.
◾️ And Rublev is one of the great talents of tennis today, a sportsman who everyone sees as soon as the top 10 ATP.
◾️ He already has two trophies this year, playing very spectacular and aggressive tennis, so he can still win other titles.In 2019 he has the quarterfinals in Marseille, the Indian Challenger final, the Hamburg final, the Cincinnati quarterfinals, the Winston Salem quarterfinals, the St.Petersburg quarterfinals, the Moscow title and the Vienna quarterfinals.
◾️ And in 2020 he has a title in Doha and a title in Adelaide.
◾️ Season already good for Andrey, he also coming in round 4 at the Australian Open.

🔺Here:- 6-2 6-3 with Basilashvili (28th place ATP), winning 91% balls with the first service, 71% with the second, without offering break balls

🎾Direct match statistics Alexander Bublik vs Andrey Rublev

◽️In direct meetings the score is 2-1 for Rublev, the last one taking place in Vienna in 2019 when Andrey won 6-1 6-7 7-6.

Alexander Bublik

◽️The young player from Kazakhstan currently ranks 56th in the ATP standings, being one of the best rankings in his career.
◽️He tries to make his way in the ATP circuit, having an aggressive game, very well adapted to the hard surfaces of hard and grass.
◽️He did well in the indoor tournaments, reaching the second round in Montpellier last week, and in the first round in Rotterdam passed the French Gregoire Barrere.

Andrey Rublev

◽️The 22-year-old Russian player is currently ranked 15th in the ATP rankings, the highest place in his career so far.
◽️Together with his compatriot, Daniil Medvedev, he is one of the most fit players of this period, managing the last 2 seasons extremely consistent at the highest level.
◽️This year he suffered a single defeat, in the finals of the Australian Open, winning before this tournament two other competitions, in Doha and Adelaide.
◽️In the first round in Rotterdam he won an easy victory against Georgian Nikoloz Basilashvili in the minimum number of sets.

🎾News, analysis, statistics and progress about the 2 players.

Alexander Bublik

◾️ The 48th ATP rank is the best ranking in the hierarchy for Alexander Bublik
◾️ He holds 6 Challenger trophies, all won on the hard surface
◾️ Hard also won 32 of the 53 matches played in 2019
◾️ It has already managed over 600 teams in the ATP contests
◾️ 74% is the percentage of points earned by Bublik on the first service

Andrey Rublev

◾️ He is only present for the second time in his career on the main panel in Rotterdam
◾️ It was imposed in the previous two direct meetings, each time with the same score, 2-1 at sets
◾️ Throughout his professional career he played 6 ATP finals, winning 4 of them
◾️ 61% is the percentage of break balls saved by Rublev in the professional world circuit
◾️ He has lost only one of the last 14 matches played

Tennis Prediction of the Day Alexander Bublik vs Andrey Rublev Bridge

Alexander Bublik can make big matches, but with a generally negative attitude he commits many mistakes and becomes vulnerable.
Barerre passed here but very difficult, in a decisive set, after a balanced game.
Andrey Rublev is among the most fit tennis players in the world, already having two titles this year and a very well connected game.
His service is getting better, and as a double mistake he is doing well, having recently had 2 with O’Connell, 2 with Sugita, 3 with Goffin in long matches or 1 with Harris.
And here in the first round he has 0 double mistakes with Basilashvili.
Thus I consider that Rublev will make under 3 double mistakes, my prognosis going on this idea to a quota offered by Betano.

Prediction Today: Andrey Rublev makes under 3 double mistakes
Odds: 1.75