Lovers of “white sport” can bet on this period on a variety of special bets.
In addition to the “special” selections that our editorial team has already presented to you here, we also offer you a unique bet on the Grand Slam tournaments that Rafael Nadal could win until the end of this year.
Due to the compression of the program this year, the number of Grand Slam tournaments could be a maximum of three.
As you are well aware, several tournaments have been eliminated from the ATP and WTA circuits in order to allow the end of the 2020 competitive season in “white sport”.

With a full schedule, Rafael Nadal would be a favorite with successes, along with ATP world leader Novak Djokovic.

Bookmakers are currently offering a 41.00 odds for Rafael Nadal to win all three remaining Grand Slam tournaments this year! Grand Slam tournament odds won by Rafael Nadal until the end of 2020: no tournaments – odds 1.80 1 tournaments – odds 2.00 2 tournaments – odds 15.00 3 tournaments – odds 41.00 As you well know ATP and WTA have decided to suspend all tournaments scheduled in this period, As for Roland Garros, a measure has already been taken, the Paris tour being postponed to the end of September.

For Wimbledon and US Open there are no definite data at this time, the decisions to be made depending on the developments of the following months.

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