In the second match of the Mov group from the Champions Tournament, the first direct confrontation between Simona Halep and the Canadian with Romanian origins, Bianca Andreescu, will be held, a match in which the Canadian is considered a favorite.

Bianca Andreescu

◾️The 19-year-old Romanian player, who represents Canada, currently ranks 4th in the WTA rankings, the highest position in the career.
◾️Already in the previous season at the 150th WTA, he achieved a dream year of 2019, with amazing results, winning the Indian Wells and Montreal tournaments, the first career Grand Slam tournament at the US Open.
◾️After the victory at the American Open, he only participated in the Beijing tournament, where he reached the quarterfinals, defeated by Naomi Osaka.

Simona Halep

◾️Simona, after unconvincing results from the last part of the season, went down to 5th place in the WTA standings, but is likely to climb in the event of a success in this tournament.
◾️He managed to win his second career Grand Slam of the season, following unconvincing tournaments, culminating in withdrawals from Asian tournaments, accusing pain in the lumbar area.
◾️The last official match played by Simona took place a month ago, in the Beijing tournament, having a long recovery period.

🎾Direct meetings

◽️The two players have not met so far in the circuit, the first match will be played directly between them.

Bianca Andreescu: Player form, news and statistics

▪️Bianca (19 years old) is already at the height of her career, occupying the highest position in the world ranking – 4th place WTA.
▪️In 2019 he won 45 of the 50 official matches played on hard outdoor, winning 4 titles at Newport Beach, Indian Wells, Toronto and US Open.
▪️However, the playing fields in North America are quite different from those in Shenzhen, at the first edition of the Champions Tournament hosted by the Chinese city.
▪️Also, Andreescu has no match in the room, this season.
▪️Overall career has only managed 19 successes in 31 matches, on the indoor hard.
▪️The representative of Canada also suffered serious medical problems this year, suffering from an injury to her right shoulder, which relapsed and thus missed almost the entire slag and grass season.

Simona Halep: Player form, news and statistics

▪️Simona (28 years) is the second most experienced player present at the Champions Tournament, after Czech coach Petra Kvitova (29 years).
▪️At the same time, the Romanian is also the most constant top tennis player in the professional women’s circuit.
▪️The WTA Masters will participate for the fifth time, following the 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 editions, held in Singapore.
▪️The best thing to do was the first time, when he lost the final, to Serena Williams. Interesting is that each time she started with a victory in the group stage.
▪️His record on indoor hard drive is 47 wins and 31 failures, with trophies on this surface in Moscow and Sofia, in 2013.
▪️Halep did not have a brilliant season, but won the title on the grass at Wimbledon, when no one credited her with a real chance of victory.
▪️And she had problems with the injuries, at the Achilles tendon in the summer and this fall at the back.

🎾Direct match statistics Bianca Andreescu vs Simona Halep

◽️The two players from different generations will face for the first time in an official match.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Bianca Andreescu vs Simona Halep

I go to Simona Halep’s hand in this first duel with Bianca Andreescu.
If he will be at a physical level as good as he said before the start of the competition in Shenzhen, then Constance could win this group in which he was assigned.
Andreescu had incredible results in 2019, but in his game there are also inherent cracks, specific to his early age. On the indoor hard, the Canadian has played quite a bit, with no notable results. I expect the strong hits, with much topspin Halep will send to keep Bianca off the bottom line.
From a tactical point of view, the appearance of Daren Cahill in the Romanian team is a great advantage, and in difficult times the Australian could appear with solutions inspired by on-court coaching.

Bet Tips: Halep
Odds: 2.65

Although Bianca Andreescu (4th place WTA) and Simona Halep (5th place) are neighbors of the standings, the representative of Canada is a big favorite at bookmakers.
It’s a strange situation, since the winners of the last two Grand Slam tournaments meet – Simona at Wimbledon, Bianca at the US Open.
At 19 years and 4 months, Bianca Andreescu shows an amazing mental strength, doubled by a complete game.
Thanks to these qualities, quite skilled in tennis, anticipates that Bianca will become world leader, an experience that Simona has already practiced.
But Simona is 28, an age from which it is inevitable to think that the descending slope is approaching. But for a few years, if she is sidelined by serious injuries, Halep can still attack enough Grand Slam titles.
In previous editions of the Tournament of Champions, Simona Halep started with a victory (matches 2 and 3 in the group were in trouble).
Even if Bianca is on the wave, Simona has the ability to get at least one set.

Prediction Today: Handicap set Halep +1.5
Odds: 1.63

Bianca Andreescu is the revelation of this year, she starts as a favorite in this match, but Halep can counter with a well-developed plan to keep the Canadian of Romanian origin behind. Both have had problems with injuries this year, Simona says it’s physically ok, it fits better in Asia, while Bianca is at the end of a grueling season.
It is possible that the Romanian tactic, with few matches played lately, will be a winner and she will be fresher than today’s opponent.
It matters a lot as you enter the game, but even if you lose the first set, you have the ability to return.

Bet Tips: Halep +4.5 handicap games
Odds: 1.64

Not knowing the physical condition of Simona Halep from this moment, and the last time of Biancai Andreescu being an exceptional one, I expect the player from Canada to have priority in this confrontation.
Even if Simona is in optimal playing conditions, Bianca Andreescu has an extra aggressiveness in the game, which can be a decisive aspect in this match.

Prediction Today: B. Andreescu
Odds: 1.60