Rublev (68) expedited American Jared Donaldson (111) out of the qualifying tournament yesterday, and now a new American has stood in the way of the young Russian’s further progress. Although Bjorn Frantangelo (136) is lower on the list compared to Donaldson, I consider his options better than what the odds on the market indicate, not least they have recently met in Indian Wells, where the “American bear” raised the victory by 2 -1.

  • Bjørn Frantangelo leads the mutual showdown 2-0 (latest also on hard in week 10)
  • The home ground advantage is limited in these games, but an advantage for the American
  • He comes from a relatively fine success experience in Indian Wells, where Djokovic needed to put a stick in the wheel of him
  • Comeback from the match yesterday against Garin must give blood on the tooth and believe in his own abilities

Tennis Prediction of the Day Bjorn Fratangelo vs Andrey Rublev 

  • Small margins that were decisive last, 2 tiebreaks and approx. equal number of break options
  • The Russian must be keen on revenge and has passed through with only 2 sets compared to Frantangelos 3 yesterday
  • Frantangelo regularly loses players lower than Rublev’s level

I must honestly admit that the CV is a bit shaky set, but the IMO is rather too low than high, as everything else in their state suggests a very straightforward match in wait. We’ll see, please bid with input

Prediction Today: Bjorn Fratangelo 

Odds: 2.85