A new week, other tennis tournaments, and we continue the series of white sports tips.
The next tip comes from the match between the Norwegian Casper Ruud and the Spanish Pablo Andujar, during the first round of the tournament in Argentina, in Buenos Aires, which is the second match of the day scheduled in the Guillermo Vilas arena and which will start after 21:00, Romanian time. More data, but also the prognosis found, below.

Casper Ruud: Team shape, news and statistics

◾️Casper Ruud didn’t have a bad start to the year, but he didn’t get any results as well.
◾️The Norwegian, who impressed on the slag, has managed in the last 2 seasons to fold his game on the fast surfaces, and now the 21-year-old is showing good tennis and hard.
◾️As I said, no performance so far for Ruud, who has only one lap at the Australian Open, a match in which he gave up in front of Belarus Egor Gerasimov, after a game of 5 sets.
◾️Casper returned to the slag, his favorite surface, and expectations are high.
◾️The tournament in Buenos Aires is appreciated in the circuit, even if it is part of the 250 points category, and every year good and very good players come here.
◾️Ruud is thus making his debut on the slag this year and hopes to do it right.
◾️The first opponent on the red surface this season is not a weak one, so the match is announced quite demanding for the Norwegian.
◾️Ruud gave in the only direct encounter with Andujar, but the dates of the problem are now different.
◾️The Norwegian is much more motivated and even though he has no match on the slopes this season, I think he has the strength, but also the quality necessary to impose himself in front of the older Iberian.

Pablo Andujar-Alba: Team shape, news and statistics

◾️Pablo Andujar did not have a good start to the season. On the contrary, indeed.
◾️The Spaniard gave up all the matches played on the hard in the new year, managing to win only a set of games played on the fast surface.
◾️It is clear that the hardware is not the specialty of the Spanish, so the expectations were not high.
◾️Back on the slag, where it feels best, things have improved dramatically.
◾️Sure, the results were not high, but the game was a completely changed one and that gives reasons for trusting the Iberian.
◾️Pablo toured 2 in Cordoba, where he was eliminated by the councilor Albert Ramos Vinolas, one of the experts on the slag and one of the most experienced players in the circuit on this surface.
◾️It was a failure in 3 sets in front of the compatriot, but as I said something above, the game was appreciated.
◾️The Spaniard remained in Argentina and will try to tour in Buenos Aires to get a better result than the one in Cordoba, although the mission will be just as difficult.
◾️The first outgoing opponent in the capital of Argentina is not easy at all and even though he will be at his first slam game this season, Andujar will have a serious shot to qualify further.

🎾Statistics of direct matches Casper Ruud vs Pablo Andujar-Alba

▫️Only once did the two players meet, last year, in a challenger tournament, and the Spanish won in the minimum number of sets.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Casper Ruud vs Pablo Andujar

An interesting match is announced in the first round of the tournament in Buenos Aires.
Ruud makes his debut in the slum competition in the new season of Argentina and hopes to make the best tour in South America.
It will not be an easy match in the first round, although the trumps are on his side.
Andujar is an experienced player, who is brave and will cling to every chance he gets for the victory.
I think we will have a match played and it is not excluded that we have at least one set with tie-break.
Anyway, I go back to safety and I will go on a minimum of 21 games, a line that can be reached easily and in 2 sets.

Prediction Today: Total games – over 20.5
Odds: 1.55