Roger Federer launched a few days ago the proposal for the ATP and the WTA to unite, and more and more voices agree with the Swiss. After Simona Halep, it was the turn of her coach, Darren Cahill, to support the union between the two circuits.

“Personally, I think it would be a good decision, because you know that every decision is made in the interest of the game. Now, if you are a tennis fan and you want to watch the competitions, be they ATP, WTA or Davis Cup, you find so many platforms that you get confused. Also, social networks would become much more fluid if the tournaments merged.

Instead of competing with each other for space, they would become one. A set of rules should also be developed. At the moment there are different regulations between WTA and ATP. A set of clarifications that would make everything much easier to understand, “said Darren Cahill.

Roger Federer proposed a union between the ATP and the WTA

The great Swiss champion wants the ATP and the WTA to unite and form a single forum, with a single regulation and a stronger one. Simona Halep is of the same opinion.

Federer initiated the discussion on Twitter, and among those who were delighted with his plan was Simona Halep.

“I wonder … am I the only one who thinks that now would be the time for men’s and women’s tennis to be united and form a single forum?” Federer wrote on Twitter.

Simona’s answer came shortly: “You are not the only one”, said the Romanian. Among those who were delighted with Federer’s idea were the Argentine Diego Schwartzman (13 ATP) and the Iberian Garbine Muguruza (16 WTA).