The Bett1Hulks ballot box takes place in Cologne, and in this analysis I will detail the first round match between Fernando Verdasco and Andy Murray, and I will conclude with the related bet.
Cologne is a town of 1 million inhabitants, founded by the Romans under the name Colonia Aggripina.
This tournament is small, ATP 250, with a prize pool of 325,610 euros.
The host is the Lanxess Arena complex, which has land covered with a fast, indoor hard drive.
The competition table includes Zverev, Agut, Murray or Hurkacz.

Fernando Verdasco: Team form, news and statistics

Fernando Verdasco is a 36-year-old Spaniard, ranked 59th in the ATP.
And Verdasco remains one of the best players of his generation, although he was obviously overshadowed by the big names in Big4.
But Fernando is a great talent, a left-handed tennis player who was ranked 7th in the world and who has important titles such as New Haven, Houston or Barcelona, ​​being good on all surfaces, although he obviously preferred slag.
Now Verdasco is at the end of his career, being a true veteran, but remaining in the top 100 in the world.
Fernando comes after a scandal, being eliminated from Roland Garros just before the start of the tournament for a false positive covid test.
Verdasco declared himself extremely outraged by this decision but obviously he had nothing to do, the practical season for him starting now.
In 2019 he has the quarterfinals in Sofia, the quarterfinals in Rome, the quarterfinals in Eastbourne and the quarterfinals in Kitzbuhel.
And in 2020 he has the quarterfinals in Doha.
Verdasco played very little this year, even before the pandemic with few tournaments played and being very modest, for example in Rio de Janeiro being defeated in two sets by Andujar.
And since his return he has only one match, on the clay from Rome, where he lost 0-6 2-6 with Dzumhur.

Andy Murray: Team form, news and stats

Andy Murray is a 33-year-old Briton, ranked 111 ATP.
And Murray is one of the best players in history after all, having three grand slam titles and being an Olympic champion. Andy was the world number one, in his good days playing on a par with Federer or Djokovic, having multiple victories with them.
Unfortunately, Andy had some very serious, recurrent injuries, requiring surgery.
Thus Murray now plays with an iron hip, which obviously does not allow him to reach the level of the past.
Even so, Andy remains a valuable athlete who can make solid matches and who has miraculously returned to performance tennis.
In 2019 he has the quarterfinals in Beijing and the title in Antwerp.
And in 2020 it has no performance.
Andy played quite a bit since returning, first going to the United States where at ATP Cincinnati he reached round 3, passing Alexander Zverev until he was defeated by Raonic.
Then at the US Open he played quite well again, being defeated in the second round by Aliassime.
At Roland Garros, however, he did not manage at all, being very clearly defeated by Wawrinka in three short sets.

🎾Statistics of direct matches Fernando Verdasco vs Andy Murray

In the direct meetings the score is 13-4 for Murray, the last one taking place in 2018 in Shenzhen when Verdasco won 6-4 6-4.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Fernando Verdasco vs Andy Murray

Fernando Verdasco has a missed season, he even playing modestly before the break. And since his return he has played only one match, in the qualifiers from Rome being very clearly defeated by Dzumhur. There he made 3 double mistakes, but he was very rusty, being his first match since his return.
Now I expect him to look better although I don’t think he can win this game. Andy Murray played more, being an athlete who can reach a solid level again, although he can no longer get close to the game of the past.
As double faults Murray was pretty good recently, having 1 double with Tiafoe, 4 with Zverev, 1 with Raonic or 3 with Wawrinka, in a match of 3 sets.
I consider that we will see less than 6.5 double mistakes in the match, my prediction going on this idea at a odds offered by Betano.

Prediction Today: Under 6.5 double mistakes in the match
Odds: 1.80