The ITF M15 Toulouse tournament takes place in France, and in this analysis I will detail the match in the second round between Laurent Lokoli and Alexandre Peyrot, to conclude with the related bet.
Toulouse is a city of 479,000 inhabitants, being nicknamed the “Pink City”.
This tournament is small, $ 15,000, so the minimum value allowed by the International Tennis Federation at this level.
The host is the Ligue Occitanie Pyrenees Mediterrannee Tennis Complex, which has indoor hard court grounds.
The contest table includes Schepper, Roumane, Lokoli or Petit.

Laurent Lokoli: Team shape, news and statistics

◾️Laurent Lokoli is a 25-year-old Frenchman, ranked 358th ATP.
◾️And Lokoli is a great talent of the circuit, although in recent years it has not managed to grow, reaching close to the top 200 ATP but generally stationary.
◾️Laurent is quite young, though, and can grow, especially as he plays in challenger tournaments.
◾️In 2019 he has quarterfinals at ITF M15 Manacor, quarterfinals at ITF M15 Sharm el Sheikh, final at ITF M15-2 Sharm de Sheikh, title at ITF M25 Santa Margherita, quarterfinals at ITF M25-2 Santa Margherita, quarters finals at ITF M25 Toulouse, title at ITF M25 Bakio, title at ITF M25 Ajaccio, quarterfinals at ITF M25 Vogau and quarterfinals at the challenger in Sibiu.
◾️And in 2020 he has the quarterfinals at ITF M25 Nonthaburi.
◾️Lokoli has played a little this year, being more injured, but he is starting to get better and better.

🔺Here:– 4-6 6-2 6-3 with Samuelsson (908 ATP place), winning 76% balls with the first service, 45% with the second service, offering 5 break balls (2 saves)

Alexandre Peyrot: Team shape, news and statistics

◾️Alexandre Peyrot is a 25-year-old Frenchman, ranked 1092 ATP.
◾️And Peyrot has never been in the first thousandth world, being a tennis player with potential but who so far has not demonstrated this at the professional circuit level.
◾️In 2019 he has the quarterfinals at ITF M15 Las Palmas.
◾️And in 2020 he has semifinals at ITF M15 Grenoble.
◾️Peyrot comes after a very good tournament, there passing for example Crepatte (354th place ATP). But Alexandre is inconsistent and it is hard to believe he will make two equally good tournaments in a row.

🔺Here:– 6-4 7-6 with Bouquier (1102 ATP place), winning 67% balls with the first service, 58% with the second service, offering 7 break balls (6 saves)

🎾Statistics of direct matches Laurent Lokoli vs Alexandre Peyrot

▪️It is the first direct meeting between the two.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Laurent Lokoli vs Alexandre Peyrot

Laurent Lokoli is a very talented tennis player, who in the future can reach again close to the first hundred in the world.
This year he had problems with injuries but now his pace seems good, and in the first round he played very well in return.
Alexandre Peyrot is more modest, having very few tournaments at which he reached the final stages.
Comes after a very good competition in Grenoble but here in the first round he looked bad, serving modestly and giving many chances to a weak opponent.

Bet Tips: Laurent Lokoli wins
Odds: 1.44