Betting tips Marius Copil vs Fernando Verdasco. Marius Copil has already produced a huge surprise in this tournament, eliminating one of his favorites, the Swiss Stan Wawrinka. Now he will have to face his former colleague from the doubles test of the past, the Iberian Fernando Verdasco.

1. Latest information before Marius Copil vs Stan Wawrinka

Marius Copil

It comes after a sensational victory against a more experienced player, Stan Wawrinka, who went into 3 sets at the end of a long game.
He has points here, because last year he played the final. At this edition, last year’s winner, Mirza Basic, was eliminated.
He delivered to the Swiss no less than 11, given that Stan is one of the best players on the way back.
Although the base is a slap player, the arad has become accustomed to the playing conditions in the Bulgarian capital, the speed of the hardcover here.
He has only one hardcore in the hall in this season’s debut, but he still raises the disastrous balance on the cement, 1/3.
At 28, he currently occupies the 56th ATP, which also represents the best personal positioning in the circuit.

Fernando Verdasco

He is rested in this match, because he had a free day after he went on in the first round of Lazarov.
This is the first time the Spanish veteran participates in this tournament.
At the Australian Open, his previous competition was eliminated from the third round by Croatian Cilic.
Just like our player, it’s the base of a slap player, but he does well on fast surfaces.
At 35, he currently occupies the 26th ATP, after being ranked 7th in the past.
He has not won an ATP level title with 3 seasons since his game has been suffering since then.
He is the number 6 leader in this tournament.

2. Marius Copil vs Fernando Verdasco direct meetings.

The two players, although they are old-paid players in the professional circuit, have not had the chance to play against each other until now.
However, in the past, they were colleagues at the double men’s tour at Wimbledon, so they know their styles.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Marius Copil vs Fernando Verdasco

Marius showed very well in the first round here. He had a very good game on the job, but he also remarked in the defensive chapter, because he surpassed the Swiss.
Verdasco also serves well, but not Marius. Moreover, the Iberic mistakes the second service, and our player could speculate.
The child has to shorten the points as much as possible today, because if he engages in long duels with the Spaniard he will be forced to make mistakes.
It is possible to witness a long match, because matchup does not particularly benefit any of the two.

Prediction Today: Marius Copil over 11.5 games

Odds: 1.50