Another tennis tip comes from the match between Uruguayan Pablo Cuevas and Argentine Federico Delbonis, during the first round of the Cordoba tournament, which is the third match of the day scheduled in the central arena and which will start after midnight in Romania.
More details, but also the thought prognosis, in the following.

Pablo Cuevas: Team shape, news and statistics

▪️Pablo Cuevas did not have a good season debut.
▪️The Uruguayan did not excel on the hard either, and the results left much to be desired.
▪️Only one victory for Pablo this year, in 3 sets, obtained in front of the American Reilly Opelka.
▪️Otherwise, failures on the tape for the South American, who does not feel well on the fast surface.
▪️Back on the slag, Cuevas wants to get much better results, especially since the red surface is his specialty.
▪️Pablo has a game that folds very well on the slag and on this surface Pablito is very difficult to defeat.
▪️The one-handed kick, forehand or reverse serve are some of Uruguayan’s very good weapons, with which he can defeat well-ranked opponents.
▪️Even though the results have been desirable in this start of the season, Cuevas remains in the top 50, ranking 47 more accurately and can climb even more, if he will have good results in the next period, especially since there are more tournaments per slag. in February.
▪️Cordoba’s first opponent is also a South American, Federico Delbonis, a player who excels on slag as well.
▪️Announces a rather difficult match for Cuevas, who has fought with the Argentine so far.
▪️And the score is very close. However, I think the Uruguayan’s desire for revenge is a big one and I see Pablo making a good match and advancing to the next round.

Federico Delbonis: Team shape, news and statistics

▪️Federico Delbonis has moved a little better this season.
▪️Even if the Argentine does not excel on the hard, the South American has won more victories this season and looks in better shape at this time than his opponent in the first round in Cordoba.
▪️Slag is also the specialty of the Argentinean, who will also have fans on his side, Fede being one of the favorites of the pub in Cordoba.
▪️Delbonis is a left-handed tennis player who has a game that folds very well on the slag.
▪️In fact, the only 2 titles in the Argentinian’s career, in Sao Paulo and Marrakech came on the red surface.
▪️Just like the other final ones lost, in Hamburg and Nice.
▪️It is clear that the red surface is the territory of Delbonis, and the Argentine will in the next period try to get the best results.
▪️His ranking is no longer very good, Faith occupying only 74. At one point, the Argentine was also in the top 30, as proof that Delbonis is a player with real qualities.
▪️The service, the forehand or the slice of reverb are some of the weapons with which the South American stands out and with which he shows a very solid game on the slag.
▪️The match with Cuevas is announced more than difficult, especially since the Uruguayan is a slag specialist.
▪️Although he is leaving with the first chance, I believe that Faith will have a difficult mission in front of Pablito.
▪️However, it is clear that Delbonis will fight for his chance and it is not excluded to have a match with a decisive set.

🎾Statistics of the direct matches Pablo Cuevas vs Federico Delbonis

▫️ The two players have met five times, and the ratio is balanced, 3-2 in favor of the Uruguayan.
▫️ The last direct match took place last summer, also on the slab, at Bastad, and Delbonis won in the minimum number of sets.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Pablo Cuevas vs Federico Delbonis

A match is announced. Both players feel good about the slag, the red surface being the place where they had the best results throughout their career.
Delbonis will also have fans on his side, with the tournament taking place in Argentina.
Even so, I still think that the match will be a difficult one for Fede, because Pablito is an old fox, who has gone through many matches.
I think the superior experience of the Uruguayan can be decisive, especially in the key moments of the match.
So I go to Pablito’s hand, at an excellent rate offered by the people of Unibet.

Prediction Today: Pablo Cuevas wins the match

Odds: 2.23