Pospisil vs Zverev Tennis Prediction

Seasoned with the surprises in Kolar against Ferrer. The former had the chance to solve the 20.0 game over several times – instead, he was broken, and the match went to exactly 20 games. We’ll be happy with the money back.
Next rack – We are taking to the USA Championship, ATP Newport. Zverev bounces back after being eliminated already in the first round of Wimbledon?

Tennis Prediction of the Day Pospisil vs Zverev

Zverev is a very good grass player, and I think that this proves German for several consecutive seasons. However, he went well in the tournament just before Wimbledon, at ATP Eastbourne, and Germany finally won the whole tour & another grassroot on kotnot. This resulted in a less good tournament in Wimbledon. Not very strong – mediocre players like Zverev usually do not usually pitch strong tournaments in succession. Zverev brings it to Newport rested & ready to go far.
There really is not much that points out that Pospisil would beat Zverev here. Does not Pospisil seem to be good at the grasslands this season? In fact, Pospisil has barely adhered to ATP tournaments and to be precise, the Canadian team has only won TWO favor ATP matches throughout the season. Urusel statistics. Zverev has ex 16 st & a title.

Prediction Today: Zverev

Odds: 1.63