We come with a tip and from the last quarter final, between the Spanish Rafael Nadal and the Austrian Dominic Thiem, match that is scheduled the penultimate day of the day at Rod Laver Arena and which will start after 10:30, the time of Romania.
More details, but also the prognosis chosen, below.

Rafael Nadal: Team shape, news and statistics

◾️Rafa Nadal had a good start to the year. The only failure so far of the Iberian is in front of Djokovic in the ATP Cup final.
◾️The Spaniard relented in front of the Serbian rival, but in the second act fought to the end and was a more than balanced set.
◾️The Spaniard now has the chance to take revenge on Nole if he reaches the final again, because only the last act can meet the two players.
◾️Until then, Djokovic has to pass Federer and Nadal to qualify first in the semifinals, to think about the final later.
◾️And the quarterfinal match is not really a flower in the ear. The Iberian has not had any problems in the last 2 laps, after parading in front of compatriot Pablo Carreno Busta and has won without much excitement long awaited battle with the favorite of the Antiposes public, Nick Kyrgios.
◾️As a statistical fact, in set 4, without the range in which he lost his service, Nadal did not give up more than 2 points on his own service.
◾️Too much shaking before the match between Rafa and Nick, because the game had only one winner from the beginning and that was Nadal.
◾️Now, in quarters, the mission is a lot more complicated. That for Thiem is a much stronger opponent, and in the only direct confrontation on the hard, the Austrian gave the Spaniard a big headache.
◾️But I think Rafa knows exactly how to approach this match and he has all the weapons he needs to set himself up for the 10th time in front of the world number 5.

Dominic Thiem: Team shape, news and statistics

◾️Dominic Thiem is in great shape. The Austrian has reached the quarterfinals, his best performance in Melbourne and is ready to fight to the end for a qualification for the first time in the semifinals of the tournament in Antipozo.
◾️The quarterfinals are the best performance of the Austrian, except for Roland Garrosu, where he has 2 finals. Domi still has a quarter-final at the US Open, also lost to the Iberian, 2 seasons ago.
◾️The debut of the new season was not the best for Thiem, who gave in surprisingly in front of two lower ranked players, Coric and Hurkacz.
◾️In Melbourne the start was more difficult, with sets left in the first rounds, but the last victory in front of Gael Monfils confirmed that the hard has no secret for the Austrian.
◾️Dominic had noticed himself on the slag, the surface with the best results in his career.
◾️But last season he managed to achieve important performances on the hard, as the title at Indial Wells or the tournament from his home, Vienna, another important competition on the circuit.
◾️Regarding the last victory, a categorical one, in fact, against Monfils, it should be mentioned that this success was also facilitated by the unforced errors made by the French, so that the clear victory of the Austrian is not very relevant.
◾️Sure, no one takes Domi’s credit, but it’s clear that Thiem’s ​​mission in front of Nadal will be infinitely more difficult.
◾️I think the match will generate a show again and we will have a match on which.

🎾Direct match statistics Rafael Nadal vs Dominic Thiem

▫️The two players have met 13 times, and the report is clear from the Iberian side, who leads with 9-4 second! But in the only match on the hard side, also in the quarters of a Grand Slam, at the US Open, two years ago, Rafa won hard, in 5 sets, after a battle that lasted almost 5 hours.
▫️The last direct confrontation between the two players was in the final of the French Open, when Rafa obviously prevailed, but Thiem managed to “steal” a set from the Iberian.

Rafael Nadal

▪️The Iberian player has again had an excellent season so far, obtaining the position of world leader after the Paris-Bercy tournament, where he had to retire.
▪️In the end of the season he was very close to qualifying in the semifinals of the Champions Tournament, being eliminated despite 2 victories in groups, but the hard defeat in the first match against Zverev cost him expensive Iberian.
▪️He was very close to winning the inaugural edition of the ATP Cup, although he acknowledged himself defeated by Novak Djokovic in the final, while in this tournament he lost only one set in the 4 matches, against Australian Nick Kyrgios.

Dominic Thiem

▪️The 26-year-old Austrian is currently ranked 5th in the ATP rankings, having long been in the top 10.
▪️Last year he won a very consistent season with the trophy won in London, during the Champions Tournament, when he defeated the Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas in the last act.
▪️In this tournament he did not have opponents to use much, and the most solid victory came in the finals, against the Frenchman Gael Monfils, who defeated him in the minimum of sets.

🎾Direct meetings

The two players have met 13 times already, the score being 9-4 in favor of the Iberian, while the most eloquent game on the hard took place at the US Open 2018, when Rafael Nadal prevailed in an epic match, with 7-6 in the decisive set.

🎾What is the shape of the players in the last 5 matches?
Rafael Nadal

◽️The world number one, the Spanish Rafael Nadal, returns for the sixth consecutive year in Melbourne, at the Australian Open, as a finalist of the previous edition of the competition.
◽️He then gave up, 3-6, 2-6, 3-6 in front of Serb Novak Djokovic, after about two hours of play.
◽️This year, the athlete coached by Carlos Moya (at one time the world number one) managed an impeccable journey to the eighth, imposing itself in turn, each time in minimum sets against the Bolivian Hugo Dellien, the Argentine Federico Delbonis, or of compatriot Pablo Carreno Busta, 30th place ATP.
◽️In the eighth, Nadal needed three sets (6-3, 3-6, 7-6, 7-6) to defeat the 26th-ranked ATP, Greek Nick Kyrgios.

Dominic Thiem

◽️Present for the seventh time in his career on the main table of the Australian Open, Dominic Thiem, fifth in the world rankings, is in the first stage of the quarter-finals of the competition, with total prizes worth over $ 32.5 million. .
◽️A year ago, the Austrian was forced to abandon in the second set of the duel with Alexei Popyrin, in the second round of the race, because of the state caused by the extremely high air temperature.
◽️Thiem started with a quick victory (just over two hours of play) in the current edition of the Melbourne tournament, 3-0 in sets against the Frenchman Mannarino and continued with the successful 3-2 in front of Australian Alex Bolt, 140th place ATP .
◽️In the sixteenth round of finals, the Wiener-born athlete Neustadt passed 6-2, 6-4, 6-7 and 6-4 by the American Taylor Harry Fritz, and in the eighth, defeated him 6-2, 6-4, 6-4 on the world number 10, French Gael Monfils.

🎾News, analysis, statistics and progress about the 2 players.
Rafael Nadal

◾️He played no less than 5 finals in Melbourne, but won only once, in 2009 (3-2 in sets against Roger Federer).
◾️In the summer of 2008, he occupied for the first time the chair of the world hierarchy.
◾️Throughout his professional career, he has won 84 ATP titles, the last one being won in New York (US Open) a year ago.
◾️He meets Austrian Dominic Thiem for the fourteenth time, but it is only the second match between the two, played on the hard.
◾️67% is the percentage of break balls saved by Nadal during his career.

Dominic Thiem

◾️He has 16 ATP trophies, 5 of them won last year.
◾️His favorite surface is slag, there playing 628 matches throughout his professional career.
◾️On hard, he won 25 of the 38 games played in 2019.
◾️83% is the percentage of games won by the Austrian on his own service.
◾️He won only 4 of the 14 direct meetings with Rafael Nadal.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Rafael Nadal vs Dominic Thiem

A disputed party is announced. The only match between the two players on the hard had 5 sets, and the Iberian needed tie-break decisively to prevail in front of the Austrian.
But I think that Nadal will really force from this phase of the competition and will not make any specific mistakes that appeared in his game with Kyrgios.
Thiem comes after a clear success with Monfils, but we must not forget that the Frenchman has performed poorly, so the victory is a little overrated.
I will go to the hand of the Spaniard, who will be mounted to the maximum and wants to reach the final of the tournament again with the few titles of great slam in his career. Dimension the

Prediction Today: Rafa Nadal’s victory at H of 3.5 games
Odds: 1.74

An increasingly balanced rivalry with each match played, regardless of the surface, takes place between the two fighters, both crossing an excellent form in this tournament.
The Austrian is very set to get a rematch after the New York defeat of 2018, and I expect this time for an extremely spectacular match, which has very small chances from my point of view to end in as few sets. , the game of the two being extremely close.

Bet Tips: Over 3.5 sets
Odds: 1.57