Schwartzman – Bedene / ATP Buenos Aires – We will devote this first year’s analysis of the earthly surface to the revival between D. Schwartzman and A. Bedenea. The match is played in the second round of the tournament in Buenos Aires, whose prize fund is $ 590,745. Last year’s winner of this tournament was D. Thiem, who in the final match beat A. Bedenea.

D. Schwartzman

Schwartzman is currently one of the best Argentine tennis players. He is currently ranked 19th in the ATP rankings and had his best career at the middle of last year when he was the 11th player in the world. In his previous career, Schwartzman managed to win two ATP titles, both on the ground. The last one is from last year from the Rio de Janeiro tournament.Since the beginning of the year, Schwartzman has performed in three tournaments where he scored a total of five wins and three losses. He scored the best result in Sydney, where he played the semifinals in which he lost to A. Seppia, and on the Australian Open, he could not go further than the third round in which he was better than T. Berdych. His last appearance was on the Cordoba tournament where he was eliminated in the second round by compatriot G. Pelle.

A. Bedene

Bedene is again a Slovenian tennis player who currently takes the 57th place on the ATP rankings. We know that this tennis player was playing under the British flag for a time, and his place of stay remained London. Best rated career of Bedden was exactly the year before when he was the 48th player in the world. Although he has played three ATP finals so far, Bedene has still not been able to win any ATP trophy.One of those finals lost last season exactly at this tournament in Buenos Aires, and then better than Thiem was. The first three tournaments in this season, Bedena, ended after the first round, so he won his first win only in the Cordoba tournament. At that tournament, the Slovenian reached the quarter-finals in which he was stopped by P. Cuevas.

1.What is the shape of the players in the last 5 games?

Diego Schwartzman

Last result: 0: 2 vs G. Pella

Form: L W L W W

The Argentine still remains in the TOP 20, despite not having a very good season start. His greatest strengths in this tournament are his own fans’ contribution, his excellent play on clay, having an affinity for this area.In this confrontation he has the chance to take revenge against Bedene after the quarter-final lost last year, also at this competition.

Aljaz Bedene

Last result: 2: 1 vs G. Andreozzi

Form: W L W W L

Overall, Bedene practiced a solid tennis, as well as being one of his favorite surfaces. Slovenian was ranked 57th in the ATP, winning all four matches confronted by Argentinean Schwartzman.

On February 4 this year he started to return after the start of the season quite modest, having 3 victories in the 4 confrontations played on the clay.

2.News, analysis, statistics and ancnronics about the 2 players.

  • He is a rather atypical player, measuring only 1.70m, is forced to play point-to-point as he does not help very much.
  • His style of play resembles a lot like another efficient player on clay, David Ferrer.
  • In the last 10 matches he has managed to win 6 victories, the other four being defeated by good players like Thomas Berdych and Alexander Zverev.
  • Considering that this is the tournament that is being played in his hometown, Buenos Aires, he needs a launch to disappoint his supporters.
  • 50.53% is his or her entire career, with 95 wins in 188 disputed confrontations.
  • He has not been able to win any ATP tournament over the 11 years since he made the transition from amateur career to professional, but his biggest achievement is the top 50 ATP.
  • Even though there is not much to say about the good luck of the Slovenian, what he played for the United Kingdom (being naturalized), his play was pretty nice to look at, and Bedene is one of the players who is constantly shooting spectacular shots.
  • He managed to get to the third round at Roland Garros, but also at Wimbledon, which was recorded as his most notable result in the Grand Slam tournaments.
  • Even though he did not win any ATP tournament finals, he managed to challenge 3 at Buenos Aires last year at the Hungarian Open, respectively in Chennai, India.
  • His only victory in front of a top 10 player was confrontation with Kevin Anderson, benefiting from his withdrawal after the first set.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Schwartzman vs Bedene

Both previously played matches between these two tennis players came to Bedeneu. One of those matches was from last season from this tournament in Buenos Aires. Then the Slovenian beat Schwartzman in the quarter-finals. We think this is the perfect moment for Argentinean to reduce the negative statistics of each other on the home court. Last year, Scheatzman owed the local audience, and this is an ideal moment to correct the impression.

Prediction Today: Schwartzman wins

Odds: 1.50