Shapovalov - Chardy prediction

Shapovalov – Chardy – The second round of Masters in Toronto will be a duel between the national tennis player D. Shapovalov and Francis J. Chardy. The winner of this match in the second round will play better against F. Fogninia and S Johnsona. This is the second match between Shapoval and Chardya, and in the first match, the Canadian was better off. Start: 07.08.2018. – 18:00 SEV

D. Shapovalov

Shapovalov is a professional tennis player for only a year, and this season he has already reached the 23rd position at the ATP ranking. Given that it is only 19 years old, it is clear that this is a great potential we hope will not remain unused, and we know that there were so many cases. Although he still failed to win the ATP title, the Canadian this season achieved a solid victory and defeat score of 20:17.

Shapovalov was the first noted performer this year at the Delray Beach tournament, where he reached semi-finals where he lost to F. Tiafoe. After that, it was also worth mentioning the fourth round of Masters in Miami, where after a great fight Shapovalov was defeated by B. Ćorić. We can not forget the placement in the semifinals of Madrid’s Masters, where Shapovalov played against A. Zverevo.

J. Chardy

Chardy is also in solid shape if he is judged by his current season ratio of 20 wins and 14 defeats. The French is on a solid 43rd ATP ranking, but it is still a weaker rating than his best in 2013 when he was the 25th player of the world. Unlike today’s opponent, Chardy is a much more experienced tennis player so he has been at the ATP Tour since 2005.

For all that time of professional tennis, Chardy managed to win an ATP title and won her 2009 at the Stuttgart tournament. Close to winning his second title, Chardy was this season when he played the final of the tournament in Hertogenbosch, but in that final he was better off than his compatriot R. Gasquet. Of course, there is also a placement in the semifinals of the London tournament, where Chardy lost N. Đoković.

Shapovalov – Chardy Prediction

We already mentioned in the introduction that these two players played one match in which Shapovalov was better. The match was played this season at Wimbledon, and the Canadian came up 3: 1 to victory. Previous results from this season are favored by a young domestic tennis player, who should wear the audience a legitimate favorite and go to the next round.

Type: wins Shapovalova

Role height: 5/10

Odds: 1.50