German Jan-Lennard Struff, 34 ATP, received a derogation from the regional sports association in his country to prepare

Tennis players are looking for solutions so that they can gradually return to their routine. Jan-Lennard Struff was also assisted by authorities in his hometown, North Rhine Westphalia, receiving a special permit to train, according to Süddeutsche Zeitung. “I know that such treatments are viewed with disapproval by the rest of the population in this situation, but it is my job, where there are certain requirements,” said the 28-year-old German.

No financial worries

Struff stopped, like many tennis players, because of the pandemic, but is now allowed to train 2-3 times a week with Carsten Arriens, who is in charge of his training.
The German said he is not worried about the financial side, but stressed that it is a problem for those who are ranked 100th.
Struff has collected $ 5 million in his career, being ranked 33rd in the world rankings.
Germany is regarded as a model in Europe in terms of how it managed the pandemic, registering 127,854 infections, 52,889 healings and 3,000 deaths until Monday.