We come with another tennis tip, from another challeneger final, the one from Monterrey, from Mexico, which will be played by the Frenchman Adrian Mannarino and the Australian Aleksandar Vukic, a match that is scheduled from 02:00, the time of Romania. More details, but also the tip offered, in the following.

Adrian Mannarino: Team shape, news and statistics

◾️Adrian Mannarino went to the competition in Mexico. The Frenchman, the No. 1 seed, did not have the slightest problem during the competition, showing that he is a player well above the level of the competition.
◾️There were only minimal wins for Adrian, who did a good workout before the first masters tournament of the year, the Indian Welles.
◾️Until the start of the first masters of this season, which will start over 4 days, Mannarino must also win the Monterrey final to end a perfect week in Mexico.
◾️The Frenchman was superior to all the opponents he encountered during this week and I think he has no way to miss the trophy put into play.
◾️Even if the competition is a low one, the eventual success here would give it a major boost ahead of the two major tournaments to be held in March.
◾️In the last game played, Mannarino flew on the field, without giving the young player of America a chance.
◾️It was 6-2, 6-4 for the Frenchman, who is a big favorite in the final against Vukic.
◾️If it will evolve as it has done so far, I think Adrian will conclude the recounts in the last act as quickly as in previous games.

Aleksandar Vukic: Team shape, news and statistics

◾️Aleksandar Vukic has a very good track record in Mexico and is facing the most important performance this season.
◾️The Australian performed very well in Monterrey and obtained a qualification in the final of the competition.
◾️And opponents were not among the weakest.
◾️On the contrary, some of them were very good tennis players, like Feli Lopez or Bernard Tomic.
◾️Although he is poorly ranked in the ATP hierarchy, only 244th place for Vukic, the Australian managed to make very solid matches in Mexico, and the performance is even more important for Aleksandar.
◾️In the last match, against the American Escobedo, Vukic had a serious job, needing 3 sets with tie-break to prevail.
◾️It was a demanding match for Australia, which will have an infinitely tougher match.
◾️The confrontation in the last act is announced as extremely complicated for the Australian player.
◾️Mannarino is a player of a completely different caliber than most of the ones encountered so far by Vukic and I think that only if he plays perfectly, Aleksandar can make as many demands in front of the Frenchman.

🎾Statistics of the direct matches Adrian Mannarino vs Aleksandar Vukic

▫️Only once did the two players meet, 3 years ago, also in a challenger tournament, and Mannarino prevailed in minimum sets.

Adrian Mannarino

◽️Ranked no. 41, the French Player got to the final after defeating Harry Bourchier 6-2 6-4, Peter Polansky 6-1 6-2, John-Patrick Smith 6-4 6-1 and Ulises Blanch 6-2 6-4.
◽️In the semifinal, The French Player had a good straight sets win against Blanch (6-2 6-4).
◽️During the match Mannarino scored 65 points vs Blanch’s 43. Adrian was extremely aggressive to blast 25 winners.
◽️Talking about serving, Mannarino blasted 7 aces and he committed only 2 double faults.
◽️Adrian Mannarino was extremely effective on serve to win 83% (25/30) of his 1st serve and 70% (14/20) on the second serve.
◽️This was the main reason for not conceding a single break during the match.
◽️Adrian broke Blanch 3 times after converting 60% of his break points (3/5).

Aleksandar Vukic

◽️Ranked no. 244 (career high), Aleksandar reached the final after defeating Julian Lenz 6-3 6-3, Feliciano Lopez 6-3 3-6 6-3, Bernard Tomic 6-4 6-4, Kevin King 6-0 6-3 and Ernesto Escobedo 6-73 7-65 7-64.
◽️In the semifinal against Escobedo, Aleksandar recovered from a 1-set down deficit before winning (6-73 7-65 7-64).
◽️During the match Vukic scored 128 points vs Escobedo’s 118.
◽️The Australian was extremely aggressive to blast 65 winners.
◽️Talking about serving, Vukic buried his opponent with 31 aces and he committed only 5 double faults.
◽️Aleksandar Vukic was extremely effective on serve to win 84% (65/77) of his 1st serve and 60% (24/40) on the second serve.
◽️This was the main reason for not conceding a single break during the match.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Adrian Mannarino vs Aleksandar Vukic Bridge

A new game is announced at the hands of the Frenchman. In the only direct meeting so far, Mannarino has categorically prevailed and I expect the French side to have an easy mission in tonight’s game.
Sure, it may not be the last score for 3 years, but as things have been done so far, I see no other outcome.
The difference in value, but also experience is very large between the two players and I think that this will feel fully on the playing field.
I am working on a new success of the Frenchman in minimal sets, at an excellent rate offered by those from Unibet.

Prediction Today: Fair Score: 2-0 Mannarino
Odds: 1.90