The most exciting quarter-finals in Mallorca are facing Angi Kerber, the sixth-placed sportsman this week, and Caroline Garcia, the recent winner at Nottingham, also on the grass.

The form of players and the latest direct results
  • Last Dedicated: 04.06.2018 Kerber vs Garcia 6-2 6-3
  • Form Angelique Kerber (last 5 games): W W L L W
  • Form Caroline Garcia (last 5 games): W W W W W
Angelique Kerber

The No. 1 favorite on the main board, Angi Kerber showed a very solid performance against Russian Sharapova in the previous round, yielding only 5 games in the match against her.By winning against Maria, Kerber has reached 9 consecutive winning games on the grass.In Mallorca he only once played last year just before winning Wimbledon, but he succumbed from the first round in front of US Riske.Winner last year at Wimbledon, Kerber will want to add to his showcase and Mallorca trophy, but for this he will have to pass a difficult exam, Garcia being in shape and coming to the quarter-match with a high morale.

Caroline Garcia

Caroline Garcia crosses an excellent period, coming after the success of Nottingham and having no less than 7 consecutive games won on the grass.However, in the last games there was fatigue, Garcia ceding set every time in the last 5 games won. Even so, he is a striking adversary, especially since in 2016 he managed to win the title in the Spanish tournament after a final with Sevastova. The Frenchman also has a record and a semifinal in 2017, lost to the same Latvian.Although there are two circuit veterans, it will be the first direct match between Kerber and Garcia.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Kerber vs Garcia

I think the Germans start as their favorite and will be forced into this match. Both the individual value and the fact that he is the Wimbledon title holder recommend it for qualifying in the semi-finals. On the other side, though coming after the success of Nottingham, Garcia seems tired and showed many weaknesses in the previous round against the Badosa locals.

Prediction Today: Kerber wins
Odds: 1.47