The Elite FFT Challenge tournament takes place in Villeneuve Loubet, and in this analysis I will detail the match between Gilles Simon and Nicolas Mahut, and I will conclude with the related bet.
Villeneuve Loubet is a town of 15,000 inhabitants, located on the Cote d’Azur.
This tournament is friendly, organized by the French Tennis Federation.
The host is a private complex, which has land covered with a fast, outdoor hard drive.
The competition table includes Hamou, Mayot, Simon or Gaston.

Gilles Simon: Team form, news and statistics

Gilles Simon is a 35-year-old Frenchman, ranked 54th in the ATP.
And Simon remains one of the good players on the circuit, although he is obviously no longer young.
Even so, Simon has always been a huge talent, with an atypical game especially for this decade.
Because Gilles does not rely on strength, he is a very versatile athlete who has a wide range of shots and who relies more on his technique and intelligence.
Even so, it was up to the 6th place in the world, having titles in Bucharest, Marseille or Metz.
In 2019 he has semifinals in Pune, semifinals in Sydney, quarterfinals in Marseille, semifinals in Marrakech, finals in Queen’s, quarterfinals in Eastbourne and quarterfinals in Antwerp.
And in 2020 he has the semifinals in Marseille.
Since returning, Simon has played quite a lot, participating in the second phase of this competition, where he even won the title after a final with Herbert, 7-6 7-6.

▪️Here:– 3-6 6-1 10-5 with Bourgue
– 6-4 6-4 with Arthurt Cazaux

Nicolas Mahut: Team form, news and statistics

Nicolas Mahut is a 38-year-old Frenchman, ranked 213 ATP.
And Mahut, like his opponent, is at the end of his career, although this is much more pronounced in Nicolas.
âA rather atypical player, Mahut is best known for that epic Wimbledon match with Isner, the longest in history, but also for the fact that he is one of the few tennis players who plays volleyball. But now his ranking is very weak.
In 2019 he has the quarterfinals at the challenger in Cherbourg, the quarterfinals at the challenger in Saint Brieuc and the quarterfinals at Queen’s.
And in 2020 it has no performance.
This season Mahut played very modestly, although he met quite weak opponents.
Here he also participated in the last phase, but losing in quarters 4-6 4-6 with Denolly.

▪️Here:– 6-4 6-3 with Added
– 7-5 6-3 with Tatlot

🎾Statistics of direct matches Gilles Simon vs Nicolas Mahut

In the direct meetings the score is 7-2 for Simon, the last one taking place in 2019 at Queen’s when Gilles won 7-6 5-7 7-6.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Gilles Simon vs Nicolas Mahut

Gilles Simon vs Nicolas Mahut Pont: Gilles Simon punishes
Gilles Simon is a very talented athlete, who before the break had reached the semifinals in Marseille after the victory with Medveded.
And now he feels good, winning the second phase of this competition after a victory in two sets with Herbert.
Nicolas Mahut is also talented, a specialist athlete on fast fields. But lately it has dropped a lot, coming out of the top 200 ATP. And here in the second phase he was defeated in the quarters by Corentin Denolly, after a weak match in which he could not win the set. I thus consider Simon to be the favorite, my prediction going on his victory at a odds offered by Betano.

Bet Tips: Gilles Simon wins
Odds: 1.50