Eugenie Bouchard News

Eugenie Bouchard was seen, four years ago, the new hope of female tennis. However, the Canadian sportsman disappointed after the disputed final at Wimbledon and has now reached WTA 114th place.

Genie has revealed in an interview with El Tiempo for Colombians that he sees himself in the red carpet of fashion parades after he leaves tennis.

“My priority is to play tennis, because that’s what I love and that I like to do. I have options to develop myself on other plans.” Being a model can be a clear option when I retire, “says the 24-year-old. years.

In other news, Bouchard won the US Tennis Federation (USTA) lawsuit at the end of February after slipping and hitting his head in the locker room at the US Open in 2015. Since then, Genie is unrecognizable and says he has been traumatized after falling on the wet floor.

“I suffered a horrible accident, it’s something I do not want to live anymore. I was left with a trauma, I mean that I was in court, I had to deal with the whole situation with lawyers, judges.

It’s another world I never thought of. It was like on television! It has been very difficult for me, I have been through difficult two-and-a-half years, and I can not forget this one week. The lawyer told me that I gave the best deposition she has ever seen, “Bouchard commented.

Bouchard has received $ 10 to $ 15 million in compensation from US Openers after the decision.