Monica Puig about Miami

Monica Puig spoke for the first time about the Miami episode in the duel with Wozniacki. After the loss lost to Collins, the gold medalist from Rio was questioned about the subject. Puig revealed that he did not hear any insult to Caroline.

Wozniacki lost surprisingly to Puig last week and finally made more revelations about what he had to endure on the field. Supporters would have cursed their family and threatened them, using words hard to reproduce.

Even though the organizers did not find anything wrong with supporters’ behavior, the press argued that a handful of Puig fans wanted to psychically destabilize Caro and appealed to such “unorthodox”

“Did Puig’s fans insult Wozniacki?” Is the title given by, which also pointed out that there were 2-3 fans who made some mischievous remarks.

Asked about the subject, Puig explained that she did not hear anything. But he admitted that his supporters were extremely ridiculous, encouraging her as football matches.

“Honestly, I did not hear anything, the fans were very happy and they bragged me, but they did not behave uncivilized. I did not hear anything,” Puig revealed in the press conference after defeat against Collins .