Another tennis tip comes from the match between the Argentines Facundo Bagnis and Guido Pella, during the tournament in Buenos Aires, which is the third match of the day in the central arena and will start after midnight in Romania. More details, but also the thought tip, below.

Facundo Bagnis: Team shape, news and statistics

◾️Facundo Bagnis did not move badly in the Argentine capital.
◾️One of the favorites of the hosts, Bagnis had a route that started just from the qualifications and reached the second round after passing Andrej Martin in the opening round of the competition.
◾️Facundo is not a bad player, despite his position in the standings, but the clay is the only surface that moves ok.
◾️The Argentine started the year relatively well on his favorite surface, with the quarterfinals at a challenger tournament and tour 1 in Cordoba last week, even after starting from qualifying. Of course, being more of a challenger player, Facundo cannot issue too many claims at the ATP level and especially in front of some top players.
◾️If Cordoba beat Ramos in round 1, a very good player on this surface, he will now overtake a similar player in terms of play in the second round.
◾️The Pella councilor excels on the slag and I think Bagnis will have to give 110% to be able to come out on top.
◾️The direct results of the past have no relevance anymore, because now Guido is a completely different player from the last 4-5 years.
◾️It is therefore announced an extremely difficult match for the weaker Argentine, but Bagnis will fight to the end for his chance.

Guido Pella: Team shape, news and statistics

◾️Guido Pella did not start the slag season at all.
◾️The Argentinian was eliminated from the first match last week in Cordoba, being defeated in 3 sets by Corentin Moutet.
◾️It was a total unexpected failure for the Argentinian, who on this surface beats on par with the best players in the circuit.
◾️The season debut was good for Guido, with victories at Cilic or good matches with Khachanov and Fognini.
◾️In Melbourne, the South American toured 3, being eliminated by Fabio in a minimum of sets, but following a disputed match.
Back on the slag, expectations were shaken by the premature elimination from Cordoba, where he had to defend the final made last season.
◾️Guido went through the failure with Moutet and will surely show a different game this week in the Argentine capital.
◾️The first opponent out of the way in Buenos Aires is not a valuable one, but I think the slag is stuck at any point and does not give up easily.
◾️The difference in value, however, is a big one and Pella should not have too much of a fork with his compatriot much weaker than him.

🎾Statistics of the direct matches Facundo Bagnis vs Guido Pella

▪️The two players met 6 times, and the ratio is equal, 3-3! The last direct meeting was held more than 4 years ago, and Pella has imposed itself in a minimum of sets.

🎾What is the shape of the players in the last 5 matches?

Facundo Bagnis

◽️The Argentine Facundo Bagnis, currently occupying 134th place in the ATP standings, is present for the sixth consecutive year on the main panel of the Open organized in his native country, in Buenos Aires.
◽️A year ago, coming from the qualifiers of the competition, he could not overcome the first round of the competition, being defeated then, in minimum sets, score 4-6, 2-6 by the German Maximilian Marterer.
◽️Defeated and implicitly eliminated in the quarter-finals of the Challenger tournament in Punta del Este (Uruguay), Bagnis did not impress in Cordoba, where he stopped in sixteenth, after the failure suffered in front of Spanish Albert Ramos Vinolas, 42nd place ATP.
◽️In the qualifiers of the Argentine Open, he surpassed, each time with a score of 2-1 in sets against Alessandro Giannessi and Pedro Sousa, and in the sixteenth he prevailed with 6-4, 6-1 against Slovak Andrej Martin, 93rd place ATP .

Guido Pella

◽️The world number 27, Guido Pella, Argentine tennis player from Bahia Blanca, 29, is present for the seventh time in his career on the main table of the Argentina Open, ATP 250 tournament reached the 23rd edition, endowed with prizes total in the amount of over 650000 dollars.
◽️In the previous edition of the competition, he stopped in the semifinals, where he gave up 4-6, 2-6 in front of the Italian Marco Cecchinato, who would later award his trophy placed by the organizers.
◽️Pella returns to Buenos Aires after the defeat in the final sixteen of the Melbourne Grand Slam, 0-3 at sets in the company of another Italian tennis player, Fabio Fognini, but also after a modest evolution against the Frenchman Corentin Moutet, in the best of the final of the Cordoba Open, where it gave in three sets, score 7-6, 5-7, 3-6.

🎾News, analysis, statistics and progress about the 2 players.

Facundo Bagnis

◾️Between 2016 and 2017, he occupied, for short periods of time, 55th place in the world ranking.
◾️So far, it has not passed the phase of the finals of the competition.
◾️The favorite surface is slag, playing over 800 matches throughout the career.
◾️He committed over 230 double mistakes in the professional circuit.
◾️35% is the percentage of break balls made by Facundo Bagnis.

Guido Pella

◾️During the past year, he occupied, in several places, the position with the number 20 of the ATP hierarchy.
◾️Like his opponent, he mainly strikes with his left hand.
◾️He trains at Parque Norte, Buenos Aires, along with Jose Acasuso, Kevin Konfederak and Juan Galvan.
◾️He has lost only 10 of the last 31 matches played on the slag.
◾️28% is the percentage of points won by Guido Pella on the first return, within the ATP contests.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Facundo Bagnis vs Guido Pella

An interesting match is announced between the two Argentines.
Pella is the highest ranked player, but also much more valuable.
The premature elimination from last week’s Cordoba tournament was a coincidence and I’m sure Guido will want to show off a different face to his game in the Argentine capital.
Bagnis has already achieved his goal with qualifying in the second round, after starting from qualifications and I think he can not do much in front of his compatriot much more valuable.
I am going for a win without too much emotion for Pella, and the odds offered by Betano are a good one!

Bet Tips: Victory at H of 2.5 Pella games
Odds: 1.55