A new match from the Matchplay 120 series will take place on Thursday, July 9, at 21.00, between the Americans Francesca Di Lorenzo (128 WTA) and Varvara Lepchenko (178 WTA).
This match will be played on hard outdoor, in Orlando, Florida.
The recommended prognosis goes in the direction of the little girl, who has a plus from a physical point of view.

Francesca Di Lorenzo: Team form, news and statistics

Francesca (22 years old) ranked 118th in the WTA highest, and is now 10 positions below, the ranking being frozen since March 2020.
On May 4, Di Lorenzo started playing in informal matches in the US Pro Tennis Series, achieving 6 consecutive successes.
Then, during the Matchplay 120 demonstrations, he totaled another 4 victories from 5 games, played in June and July.
The only defeat was against her compatriot Caroline Dolehide (134 WTA).
The sportswoman, 1.70 meters tall and 61 kilograms, has played exclusively on hard-outdoor surfaces, since the end of the quarantine.

Varvara Lepchenko: Team form, news and statistics

Varvara (34 years old) is one of the veterans of the circuit, still in the top 200 in the world.
The highest position occupied by the player born in Uzbekistan was 19 WTA in the singles hierarchy, in the fall of 2012.
Lepchenko has not won any major titles in his professional career, which began in 2001!
After the lockdown, he played extremely much, both in the US Pro Tennis Series (14 wins – 5 failures on hard) and in the East Coast Pro Series (14 wins – 2 failures on slag).
In Matchplay 120 he triumphed in the only duel, with Grace Min on June 24.
Since then, 4 more games have played on the slow fields.
Varvara is a bit more massive, compared to her younger opponent on Thursday, being 1.80 meters tall and 70 kilograms.
He has decisive blows in the repertoire, but he commits even more unforced errors, taking risks more often in the rallies behind the field.

🎾Statistics of direct matches Francesca Di Lorenzo vs Varvara Lepchenko

▪️This will be the first direct duel between the two tennis players from different generations.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Francesca Di Lorenzo vs Varvara Lepchenko

I go to the youngest player in this unique confrontation. Lepchenko is a veteran of the women’s professional circuit, she is 11 years older than her opponent on Thursday and she has a slightly riskier style of play.
Di Lorenzo has a very good regularity game from behind the field, excellent mobility and finds special angles with his left forehand.
Varvara is a bit taller (10 centimeters), but also heavier in lateral movement, and as the match lasts longer, the difference in physical freshness will become even more visible.

Bet Tips: Victorie Di Lorenzo
Odds: 1.87