Simona Halep has recovered after the injury, but still cannot train on the tennis court. The player ranked 2nd in the WTA standings acknowledged at the special edition of the Champion show that he wanted a break after an intense career.

“I did not touch the rocket at the final in Dubai! I said that it is better to break everything, to rest mentally, I said to leave tennis for a while to air tennis because I was 10 years old at a very high level and week after week I had a tour.

I will stay for a few weeks until I start again. I miss tournaments even though it was becoming increasingly difficult for me to travel.
Simona Halep: “I keep in touch with Darren Cahill daily”

Simona Halep confessed that she also misses her staff that she keeps in touch with daily.

“I miss the team, I miss them, I communicate often, even daily, because I have to be as fit as I can. It is very difficult if I lose my preparation to return, so I take care and respect the program 100%. I also made abdominals on the carpet until my back hurt, I didn’t even have a mattress, now I ordered one!

Darren is very good, he sends me pictures with his family – they have other conditions there and it is much easier to play tennis. Art has 3 children, it’s very busy! All are well, healthy and they are also looking forward to the tournaments again, “said Simona Halep.