Even in a country where President Jair Bolsonaro does not take the COVID-19 epidemic seriously, the law is drastic when it comes to the spread of the virus.

Brazil’s second-highest ranked tennis player, 20-year-old Thiago Wild, risks between one month and one year in prison for failing to comply with the quarantine he was supposed to stay in. He had all the symptoms triggered by the infection with the new coronavirus, the first tennis player with COVID-19 announced by the international press.

Police received several complaints that tennis was seen on the street, at trainings in a tennis academy and at a city notary.

Immediately after he became ill, he asked people to stay in their homes.

Thiago Seyboth Wild got scared when he saw the extent of the investigation and posted a video on Instagram

“I, Thiago Seyboth Wild, make this announcement to clarify some of the lies that have been told, by some who were not aware of the real situation, who posted a lot of messages on social media.

First of all, when I posted the video I mentioned that I had a normal life, that is, the daily life of a quarantined person, being careful not to expose anyone to any risk.

My life as an athlete has a lot of routine. Awakening, meal, workout, meal and again workout. When I had the least symptom of COVID-19, I immediately isolated myself in the house and waited for the doctor’s advice, in Rio de Janeiro, on 15.03. 2020.

On the 17th I no longer had a fever and through a joint decision with the trainer and the personal doctor, I chose to treat myself, along with my family members, with all the safety measures.

Being in my hometown I went to a notary, but I had no physical contact with anyone and I took all the safety measures, such as using the gel with alcohol.

Physical training and a daily run of 15 minutes on the street are not prohibited when receiving proper medical care, they are indicated, “said, among others, Wild.