Bryans has come back together neatly, won Miami and still has a high level. Rojer and Tecau won Madrid, where they beat Bryans, and have raised their level after a bleak period, but get too much for a pretty lucky last week.

Bryans has started roughly again after Bob sat out part of 2018 and won among other things. Miami together
Despite their age, they are still one of the best double pairs on the tour and are undoubtedly thirsty for the last week.
Rojer and Tecau had their margins in Madrid, where they won three of five matches in match tiebreak and a walkover
Bryans beat Rojer and Tecau in Auckland, where Bob Bryan had just returned and with 1-1 h2h this year I think it is a 50-50 affair
Everything can be done in doubles at this level, and I don’t think that Rojer and Tecau’s victory in Madrid make them favorites here

Rojer and Tecau come with renewed confidence after a title in Madrid with a few strong victories along the way
They have 4 victories against Bryan’s (but 5 defeats) and know they can beat the Americans and come with victory from Madrid
Bryans may not be quite the same level as some years ago and lose to couples they had not lost to earlier
Rojer and Tecau come with great motivation to ride on the wave after a strong week in Madrid
Day shape and margins are going to be crucial here, as is the case for most doubles at this level

Tennis Prediction of the Day Jean-Julien Rojer/Horia Tecau vs Bob Bryan/Mike Bryan

A part on the licensing market has opened over 2 at Bryans, and I think it looks like good value to the Americans and I don’t think it lasts for Tuesday.

Prediction Today: Bob Bryan/Mike Bryan

Odds: 2.15