The ITF M15 Porec tournament takes place in Croatia, and in this analysis I will detail the match of the first round between Juan Pablo Paz and Deni Zmak, and will conclude with the related bet.
Porec is a town of 16,000 inhabitants, with a history of almost 2000 years.
This tournament is small, $ 15,000, so the minimum value allowed by the International Tennis Federation at this level.
The host is the Tennis Center Pical complex, which has fields covered with a slow slag, outdoors.
The contest table includes Kopriva, Pellegrino, Paz or Ignatik.

Juan Pablo Paz

◾️Juan Pablo Paz is a 25-year-old Argentine, ranked 639th ATP.
◾️And Paz is very talented, in the past reaching 284th place in the world and playing even in challenger tournaments.
◾️And in the future I expect to grow again, in the end now having an age suitable for performance and tennis, at least on the slab, which can make him hope for positive results.
◾️In 2019 he has quarter finals at ITF M15 Monastir, quarter finals at ITF M15 Tabarka and semifinals at ITF M15 Varna.
◾️And in 2020 he has semifinals at ITF M15 Cairo, title at ITF M15-2 Cairo and final at ITF M15 Antalya.
◾️So a very solid start to the year, with many wins.
◾️Paz comes after this final, there playing quite well but losing in 3 sets with Bonadio (399th place ATP).

Deni Zmak

◾️Deni Zmak is a 30-year-old Croatian, ranked 1677th ATP.
◾️And Zmak is a modest athlete, who most of the year does not even play in professional tournaments, only participating in contests on his own field nearby.
◾️Thus he has no way to collect points.
◾️In 2019 it has no performance.
◾️That’s in the context where he took part in two 4 tournaments.
◾️And in 2020 it has no performance.
◾️Deni is at his first tournament of the year here, having to dispute qualifications.

🔺Here:– 6-2 6-2 with Biljesko (1120 ATP place),
– 6-1 6-2 with Mrsic (2162 ATP place)
– 6-7 6-2 12-10 with Ovcharenko (1138 ATP place), winning 86% balls with the first service, 50% with the second service, offering 2 break balls (1 save)

🎾Direct match statistics Juan Pablo Paz vs Deni Zmak

▪️It is the first direct meeting between the two.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Juan Pablo Paz vs Deni Zmak

Juan Pablo Paz has a very good start to the year, with a title and a final and overall a very solid game.
az anyway is a top tennis player, who was in the first 300 worldwide and in the future it is possible again to take part in challenger tournaments.
Deni Zmak is a quasi-amateur, because he disputes very few tournaments in the professional circuit, most on his own field.
This is actually the first competition of the year, going through quite difficult qualifications.

Bet Tips: Juan Pablo Paz wins
Odds: 1.45