The Erste Bank Open tournament takes place in Vienna, and in this analysis I will detail the first round match between Yuri Rodionov and Denis Shapovalov, and I will conclude with the related bet.
Vienna is a city of 1.8 million inhabitants, being the 6th largest city in the European Union.
This tournament is big, ATP 500, with a prize pool of 1,409,510 euros.
The host is the Wiener Stadthalle complex, which has land covered with a fast, indoor hard drive.
The competition table includes Thiem, Djokovic, Shapovalov or Medvedev.

Yuri Rodionov: Team form, news and statistics

Yuri Rodionov is a 21-year-old Austrian, ranked 151st in the ATP.
And Rodionov, even though he is the same age as his opponent, is far from playing his performance.
Jurij was never in the top 100 in the world, having some successful tournaments in the challenger circuit, winning even 3 titles there. But at a high level he evolves quite rarely, now for example receiving a wild card, playing at home.
In 2019 he has the quarterfinals of the Noumea challenger, the quarterfinals of the Recanti challenger, the semifinals of the ITF M25 Chiswich, the quarterfinals of the Mallorca challenger, the semifinals of the Glasgow challenger and the semifinals of the ITF M25 Almaty.
And in 2020 he has the title of the challenger from Dallas, the title of the challenger from Morelos, the semifinals for the challenger from Columbus and the quarterfinals for the challenger from Iași.
From the return Rodionov was average, at Roland Garros managing to pass the first round, defeating Chardy, then losing to Gombos.
But indoor did not feel good, coming here after the tournament in St. Petersburg where he lost in the first qualifying round, with Pavel Kotov, a tennis player who is not in the top 200 ATP.

Denis Shapovalov: Team form, news and statistics

Denis Shapovalov is a 21-year-old Canadian, ranked 12th in the ATP.
And Shapovalov, theoretically, is one of the stars of the future, a tennis player who can become world number 1 and can take into account many grand slam tournaments.
Obviously, he is not the only very talented young man but Denis already shows a very solid tennis, with a good service, an efficient forehand, a spectacular backhand, being obviously helped by the fact that he is left-handed.
He still didn’t get great results, but he had some very solid tournaments, a title in Stockholm, also indoor, then recently the quarterfinals at the US Open where he lost dramatically with Busta. If he prevailed in that 5-set match, he had chances in the final, starting as a favorite in the potential semifinal with Zverev.
In 2019 he has the quarterfinals in Montpellier, the quarterfinals in Rotterdam, the semifinals in Miami, the quarterfinals in Lyon, the semifinals in Winston Salem, the semifinals in Chengdu, the title in Stockholm and the final in Paris.
And in 2020 the quarterfinals in Auckland, the quarterfinals in Marseille, the quarterfinals at the US Open, the semifinals in Rome and the semifinals in St. Petersburg.
Very solid from the return. In addition to that quarterfinal at the US Open, Denis also has semifinals in Rome where he lost again dramatically, 6-7 in the decisive, with Schwartzman, one of the fittest tennis players of the moment.
Denis then went indoor, in St. Petersburg being solid again, passing Ivashka or Wawrinka until losing to Rublev, but in a good match of 3 sets.
His weakest match came to Cologne, being clearly defeated by Simon, being annoyed by the very varied blows of Gilles.

🎾Statistics of direct matches Jurij Rodionov vs Denis Shapovalov

▪️It is the first direct meeting between the two.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Jurij Rodionov vs Denis Shapovalov

Denis Shapovalov looked very good from the return, having quarterfinals at the US Open, semifinals in Rome or semifinals in St. Petersburg. Indoor feels good, in these conditions having its only ATP title, in St. Petersburg for example passing in two sets of Ivashka or Wawrinka, playing well with Rublev, the difference between them being a single break.
Shapovalov comes after a weaker match, losing to Simon, but Gilles played very well and varied.
Yuri Rodionov is a wild card here, he has so far not entered the world’s top 100. Indoor recently played only one match, in St. Petersburg being weak and losing even in qualifications, with Pavel Kotov.
I thus consider that Shapovalov will impose himself in a minimum of sets, my prognosis going on this idea at a quota offered by Unibet.

Bet Tips: Denis Shapovalov 2-0 score set
Odds: 1.46