The decisive match of the Mov Group from the Champions Tournament for qualifying in the semifinals will take place between Simona Halep and Karolina Pliskova, the match in which the Romanian starts with the first chance and will take place on Friday.

Champions Tournament, Shenzhen (China), Violet Group, the decisive match for qualifying in the semifinals: Karolina Pliskova (Czech Republic, 27 years, 2nd place WTA) – Simona Halep (Romania, 28 years old, 5th place WTA).
The group was already won by Ukrainian Elina Svitolina (8th place WTA), who won the first two games without losing a set. The last place was also awarded by Bianca Andreescu, the victim of an injury in the beginning of the match with Pliskova, who had started very well (2-0 in the first set).
Simona Halep and Karolina Pliskova are in 2-3 places, with one victory and one defeat, and the order will be established in the direct match. The equation is simple: the winner goes on. It is a kind of eliminatory match played in “quarters” (because the semifinals and possibly the finals follow).

Simona Halep

◾️In the first match of the tournament, after an unconvincing start of the match against Biancai Andreescu, he managed to save a match ball in the second set and prevailed after a long match of 3 sets, proving superior physical strength of the Canadian player.
◾️In the second match, there was an extreme physical duel against Eline Svitolina, the Ukrainian coming out 2-0 inviting in the sets, the difference being made in small details.
◾️She starts confidently against Karoline Pliskova, who she clearly leads in direct confrontations.

Caroline Pliskova

◾️The Czech player is a constant presence in the top 10 WTA, currently occupying second place in the standings, being close to the first position in the standings.
◾️Her debut at the Champions Tournament was with a defeat in front of Eline Svitolina, at the end of a balanced match, especially the first set that was decided on the edge of the tiebreaker.
◾️In the second match of the competition, she benefited from the withdrawal of Biancai Andreescu after the first set, the beginning of the match being at the expense of the Czech player.

🎾Direct meetings

The two players have met up to 10 times so far, the score being 7-3 in favor of Simona Halep, but in the last game the Czech player came out the winner, this year in Miami, 2-0 in sets.

Karolina Pliskova: Player form, news and statistics

◽️Karolina Pliskova has never won a full four-game match, all played in China (Wuhan, Beijing, Shenzhen).
◽️Three defeats (with Yastremska, Ostapenko and Svitolina) were followed by a set won under atypical conditions (Bianca Andreescu’s injury and abandonment).
◽️At the Champions Tournament, at least so far, Karolina was very wrong, being deprived of the game that took her to 2nd place in the world.
◽️Not even the powerful service, his number one weapon, didn’t work in Shenzhen.
◽️It is hard to believe that Pliskova will raise her playing level so much that she overcomes Simona Halep.
◽️Under expectations he evolved in the Grand Slam tournaments: after the semi-final at the Australian Open, he stopped in round 3 at Roland Garros, in the “optimal” at Wimbledon and also in the “optimal” at the US Open.

Simona Halep: Player form, news and statistics

◽️Simona Halep has not had two consecutive wins since the beginning of August in Toronto.
◽️In the last 12 matches played, she has a poor record: 6 wins and 6 losses. Even under the modest “scheme” of the last three months, after the defeat with Svitolina should follow a victory with Pliskova.
◽️Beyond the sports stakes (qualifying in the semifinals) and the financial stakes ($ 305,000 victory + the prospect of the over $ 4 million agreed upon by the Shenzhen champion), there is an additional stake for Simona: returning to the podium of the WTA hierarchy.
◽️In addition, Halep would be closer to 2nd place, now occupied by Pliskova, which she could even surpass if she won the Champions Tournament.
◽️On the other hand, if Pliskova won the direct confrontation from Shenzhen, the Czech Republic would be over 450 points (5,940 – 5,487), with the prospect of widening the gap.
◽️In this match, Simona Halep also has to overcome the ominous tradition of the last three editions in which she participated in the Champions Tournament, all in Singapore (2015, 2016 and 2017): victory in the first match, followed by two defeats and elimination from the group stage.
◽️So far, the route is drawn to indigo and Shenzen 2019: victory with Andreescu, defeat with Svitolina.
◽️In order to defeat his nightmare, Halep must defeat Pliskova!

🎾Direct match statistics Karolina Pliskova vs Simona Halep

Simona Halep leads 7-4 in direct confrontations.
This year, Halep won at Ostrava in the Fed Cup and Pliskova at Miami.

🎾Last 5 direct matches:

▪️2019: Pliskova – Halep 7-5, 6-1
▪️2019: Halep – Pliskova 6-4, 5-7, 6-4
▪️2018: Halep – Pliskova 6-4, 6-3
▪️2018: Pliskova – Halep 6-3, 6-2
▪️2017: Pliskova – Halep 6-4, 3-6, 6-3

Tennis Prediction of the Day Karolina Pliskova vs Simona Halep

Simona Halep showed a very good tennis in the first match, the one won in front of Bianca Andreescu, and a good one in the defeat with Elina Svitolina.
Instead, Karolina Pliskova played poorly at this edition of the Champions Tournament.
He made numerous mistakes in the defeat with Svitolina and started weakly the one with Andreescu. Only the injury of the Romanian-Canadian paved the way for her victory, keeping her in the fight for qualification. The Czech is not suited to Simona’s game, which is capable of pushing her in long ball exchanges.
As a rule, to cut it short, Pliskova attacks decisively and often mistakes.
Simona is favorite to beat Pliskova, which will make her a neighbor in the WTA Live standings. Pliskova is on the 2nd place, Halep started the tournament on the 5th, went on the 4th and will reach the 3rd position after this match, in case he wins.

Prediction Today: Simona Halep
Odds: 1.72

Although my tennis partner anticipates a success for Simona, I think the Romanian will have a tough match. Even if she is about to lose, Karolina will keep you close. The handicap in games seems to me far too high.
Let us not forget that Pliskova is number 2 WTA and has made a consistent season overall. In addition, he beat Halep in at least one set at the last straight fight. The Czech player is much better in terms of service and if he gets a good day from this point of view he will fly on the field, especially since Simona has a weak point in service.
Karolina is more physically strong, superior to the net and has enough strengths. Even if it does not seem in the best period, it must be said that the same is true of Simona. I anticipate a very balanced match.

Prediction Today: K. Pliskova +3.5 games
Odds: 1.62