Predictions Monica Niculescu vs Margarita Gasparyan. After the last 3 tips offered were the winners, assuring us profit, we continue the series with a new analysis, this time from the Luxembourg tour, where the Romanian Monica Niculescu is due to go in 16ths with the Russian Margarita Gasparyan. The game announces a balanced, as shown by the odds and we hope for a good evolution from our player.

🎾The latest information before playing the betting odds Monica Niculescu vs Margarita Gasparyan.
Monica Niculescu

▪️Found for the 7th time at this tournament, he hopes for a good new evolution, because almost every time he has achieved remarkable results here.
▪️In the first two appearances, in 2011 and 2012 he managed to reach the final, and after 3 seasons he won the title here.
▪️She has now benefited from the retirement of Alison Van Uytvanck in the previous round, although her opposition is in the lead.
▪️He played less than one set on the main board, so come to rest today.
▪️Her game on hard has improved lately, and the overall balance looks good, 12 wins with 10 defeats, as she prefers slag.
▪️It is currently ranked 111th WTA, although in the past it was ranked 28th.

Margarita Gasparyan

▪️It is for the second time present at this tournament, but last year it achieved a remarkable performance, stopping just in the quarterfinals, where he gave up in front of Yastremskai.
▪️Now he had big problems in the previous round against Teichmann, which he hardly passed in the decisive set.
▪️Her balance sheet on this season is one that does not give her much confidence on this surface, 5 wins and 9 defeats.
▪️Before coming here she was present at Linz, where she was quickly eliminated, however, in the debut round.
▪️It is much better ranked than the Romanian, currently occupying the 81st WTA, although in the past it was 40 positions above.

🎾Monica Niculescu vs Margarita Gasparyan direct dating.

▫️The two opponents of today have evolved together once, in Limoges, last year, also on the hard.
▫️On that occasion, Gasparyan prevailed at the end of a close match, won decisively.

🎾What is the shape of the players in the last 5 matches?
  • Monica Niculescu
  • Last result: 0-0 vs Van Uytvanck
  • Shape: W W W W L

Monica Niculescu (# 111 WTA, 32 years old) was lucky in the previous round and took advantage of Van Uytvanck’s abandonment, so he advanced to the top eight without having played a match on the main panel.
However, until this match, she played three more qualifying laps, culminating in the duel against the nationalist Gabriela Ruse, whose youth she took full advantage of.
Monica Niculescu also won the WTA Luxembourg in 2016, when she was defeated in the last act by none other than the great Petra Kvitova.
From that moment, our athlete would not have to match his performance, being eliminated from the first round at the editions of 2016 and 2017 respectively.

  • Margarita Gasparyan
  • Last result: 2-1 vs Teichmann
  • Shape: W L L W L

Margarita Gasparyan (# 81 WTA, 25 years) has only once participated in the WTA Luxembourg, in 2018, when she reached the quarter-finals.
Unlike Monica, the Russian did not have a free lap in the sixteenth, but defeated Teichmann, whom he defeated in three sets, at the end of a match of wear.
It took two hours and a quarter of an hour for Gasparyan to decide in her favor the match, in which the difference was practically made by the tiebreak result of the second set. Last but not least, it would be worth mentioning that, on Wednesday, she will be paired with Monica in the double test.

🎾News, analysis, statistics and progress about the 2 players.

▪️He has 24 wins and 13 defeats in 2019, of which 16 with 10 on the hard.
▪️Won a single tournament in 2019, more specifically on Ilkley grass (ITF).
▪️6 out of 8 tournaments in his career came on the hard.
▪️He is 1.68 m high and strikes with his right hand.
▪️# 28 WTA is its best ranking, reached in February 2012.
▪️He has 18 wins and 21 defeats on the hard in 2019, of which 9 with 11 on the hard.
▪️He has no trophy in 2019.
▪️All 5 tournaments in her career came on hard, most recently in 2018, at Tashkent.
▪️He is 1.83 m high and strikes with his right hand.
▪️# 41 WTA is the best ranking of his career, achieved in February 2016.

Tennis Predicion of the Day Monica Niculescu vs Margarita Gasparyan

As the odds show, we will most likely witness a balanced duel today.
Normally, the Russian would have been favored, but in this part of the season is clearly out of shape.
Nor did the Romanian look too good and he would certainly have been a safe victim with Van Uytvanck, but he was lucky to have abandoned his opponent.
However, the slice on the lap remains a blow with which it can destabilize many opponents, the trademark for Monica.
I think our player has a chance and he has to hit the balls more confidently, so I will get on his hand today.

Prediction Today: Margarita Gasparyan
Odds: 1.75