We come with tennis tips, from the first quarter final in Palermo, between the Croatian Petra Martic and the Belarusian Aliaksandra Sasnovich, a match that is scheduled from 17 00, on the central arena.
More details, but also the thought proverb, in the ones below.

Petra Martic: Team form, news and statistics

The main favorite from Palermo had some emotions in the last round.
Yesterday, the Croatian had to return from 0-1 in sets against the talented Liudmila Samsonova, who caused her problems, especially in the first set.
However, it was a well-deserved success for Petra, who decisively dominated physically, but also in terms of experience the young Russian, winning with a definite 6-2.
In the first round, Martic had no emotion, passing in a minimum of sets, 6-0, 6-3 by the Belgian Alison Van Uytvank, showing an extremely solid game.
Service is the main weapon of the Croatian, who has often been taken out of delicate situations in yesterday’s match against Samsonova.
It is true that there were some unforced errors for the Croatian, who remains the main favorite to win the first official title after the forced break on the circuit.
He will not have an easy match in the quarterfinals against Sasnovich.
Belarus comes after a series of good matches and I think it will not give up at all easily.
However, the value is on Petra’s side, as well as the experience at the highest level, and in the end I think that the number 1 favorite will enter the penultimate act of the competition.

Aliaksandra Sasnovich: Team form, news and statistics

Aliaksandra Sasnovich has done a very good tour so far. Belarus started from the qualifications, passing without problems the first 3 preliminary rounds, and on the main board it evolved even more solidly, without giving up the set in the 2 games played.
In the first round, Sasnovich defeated Elise Mertens, the 5th favorite of this tournament.
The service was one of the weapons on Belarus and put them into practice very well, as well as the backhand executed very well with 2 hands.
In the previous round, Sasnovich did not have the slightest emotion in front of one of the favorites of the Palermo public, Jasmine Paolini, in front of whom he gave up only 2 games !!
An extremely solid game for the Belarusian, who has an excellent morale before facing the number one seed.
Aliaksandra has met Martic 4 times and knows her quite well. Even if he gave up 3 times in front of the Croatian, each time he did it in a big fight and only one match was on slag, more than 6 years ago.
I think that the match will be an extremely disputed one and it would not be excluded to witness a surprise result.
The form of the Belarusian is a very good one, only that Martic is completely at a different level from the opponents encountered so far by Aliaksandra.
However, Sasnovich will not give up easily and I expect a match with a decisive set.

🎾Statistics of direct matches Petra Martic vs Aliaksandra Sasnovich

▪️The 2 players met 4 more times, and Martic won 3 times, and the Belarusian once.
▪️In the last direct match, which took place 2 years ago, in Budapest, Martic won 2-1 in sets.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Petra Martic vs Aliaksandra Sasnovich

I think we will have an extremely disputed match.
Both players come after very solid matches and each will fight for access to the semifinals.
Of course, Martic is the main favorite here and he will have to prove it.
The Croatian had some emotions in yesterday’s game and I think that if he is not careful, he will have problems today.

Bet Tips: Total games – over 19.5
Odds: 1.57