Serena Williams News

Serena Williams takes advantage of the “special standings” to enter the main painting in Madrid, a tournament won by Simona Halep in the previous two editions and will be WTA in early May.

Australian Open champion Victoria Azarenka will also benefit from this rule.

The “Special Ranking” allows players who have missed a long period in the circuit due to injuries or other reasons to use the busy position before the forced break when returning to the circuit. The special ranking can be used for up to two tournaments from the Premier Mandatory category (Indian Wells, Miami, Madrid, Beijing) and two Grand Slam tournaments.

It remains to be seen if WTA will resolve the “Serena Williams case” in the coming period. The American has returned to competitions after giving birth, and there have been several opinions that, for a period of time, it should be protected in the first rounds of duels against serial heads.

“I think it’s new.” In the past, the players did not have children during their career, it’s new and I think WTA did not have time to make a decision on this, because they did not expect that. seriously, and it would be a good idea to protect the players who used to be in the top hierarchy to stop playing in the first rounds. It would have been better for this sport if Serena had not played with Osaka in the first round ” , said 36-year-old coach Patrick Mouratoglou in an EXCLUSIVE interview for WTA.