Shapovalov vs Haase 09/08

Tennis Picks / Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

Shapovalov vs Haase Tennis Prediction

Shapovalov – Haase – We analyzed the match of the eighth Masters finals in Toronto, we picked up a duel between home tennis player D. Shapovalov and Dutchman R. Haase. In the previous stage of the competition Shapovalov scored 2: 0 against F. Fogninia, while Haase also scored 2: 0 against M. Youzhnog.

D. Shapovalov

We talked about Shapovalov in one of the previous analyzes from this tournament so now we will not repeat his results this season, but we will say more about his matches he played in the first two rounds. The Young Canadian has both played very well before. The first match played against J. Chardy and celebrated a convincing victory with a score of 6: 1 at 6: 4. In this match all the statistics were on the side of the Canadian tennis player and in particular the performance of the first service was 80%.
Something more job The Canadian had in the match of the second round in which he played against 14th goalkeeper F. Fogninia. Although this was a bit difficult match that ended with a score of 6: 3 7: 5, Shapovalov was more dominant, but had a somewhat weaker realization of the first service, which was 72%. As we can see, the Canadian has been quite convincing and full of confidence in the first two games, and there is no reason not to be in this match against Haase.

R. Haase

Haase also had one of the previous tests, or rather, when we wrote about the first round of Toronto tournament. Then the Dutchman played against one of the favorites, which was about K. Nishikori, who had so far had very good results. However, there was a surprise. Nishikori played a very bad match, under all expectations, while Haase was able to recognize his opportunity to use and exploit.
Within the second round, the Dutchman had little luck. In the second round Haase was awarded J.M. Del Potra, which was valid for a big favorite. However, Argentinac had to retire from the tournament again because of injury, and Haase had a lucky winner for the opponent, veteran M. Youzhnog. In the first set, the Russian made good resistance to Dutch, but after losing this first set of 5: 7, the match later had no motive to fight Haase’s mood.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Shapovalov vs Haase

The only match so far these two players played this year at the Masters in Rome, and Shapoval’s result was 7: 6 6: 7 6: 3. The Canadian man managed to defeat Haase on the cane, a base that much more suited to Holland. That is why we believe that it would be a problem for Toronton on a hard ground.

Prediction Today: victory over Shapovalova

Odds: 1.50


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