Betting Tips Simona Halep vs Elina Svitolina. Simona has only two steps to get a new title here in Doha, and the current edition has evolved impeccably. Yesterday he had a difficult game with Goerges, but he knew to impose his style and finished the game in minimum sets. Today he again has a slightly inconvenient opponent, Elina Svitolina. Bookmakers offer equally equal odds, but Simona has a moral ascendant in this duel.

1. Latest information before Simona Halep vs Elina Svitolina

Simona Halep

It is for the third time present in a semifinal here in Doha, the tour of Qatar being one of its favorites.He did not lose set to this edition, passing by Tsurenko and Goerges. The match yesterday was a tricky one, won by the romanian in two tiebreaks.He stayed very well in the quarterfinals, managing to limit the number of doubles to 2.With 77% success rate on the first service it can be said more than satisfied, as the service has often made it difficult.If he succeeded in winning today, he would be the second finisher to play here after he raised the trophy in 2014.Currently ranked 2nd in the WTA hierarchy, the standings being updated on Monday.

Elina Svitolina

He has participated 4 times in the past in this tournament, but it is the first time he manages to qualify in the penultimate act.There were easier opponents here, defeating Ostapenko and Muchova in the minimum set.He comes to Doha after a very good run at the Australian Open, where he stopped in quarters, being eliminated in minimum sets by the winner of the tournament, Naomi Osaka.It currently occupies the 7th WTA, its best position being the 3rd.After the four WTA titles won last year, he wants to award the trophy here as well, but he will encounter an extremely dangerous opponent.

2.Simona Halep vs Elina Svitolina direct meetings

The two have a fairly long history together because they have already checked seven other parties in the past.The score of the series is a balanced one, favoring the limit on the Ukrainian.The most recent game dates back to last year when, on the slaughter in Rome, Elina was forced in a categorical manner, score 6-0 6-4.

3.What is the shape of the players in the last 5 games?


Last result: 2-0 vs Goerges

Form: W W W W W

Simona has respected her mainstream status and qualified in the semifinals, equaling her performance last year and thus keeping her points in the WTA standings.
Although it was set in two sets, the match with Julia Goerges was complicated, largely due to Simone who failed to make good chances at the right time and thus re-introduced the nemtoaica into the game. There were two sets of high-quality tennis, spectacular shocks, electrifying exchanges, set balls missed by Simona, set balls canceled by nemtoaicei, tension-breaks tense, finally ending well for the Romance.
Halep seems to feel very good in Qatar, aiming to redeem the success in 2014. The morale is high, after the Fed Cup successes, while the collaboration with the new coach seems to come to Simon, so we can expect a new trophy in her record. For that there are two steps, Svitolina being a great opponent, though.



Last result: 2-0 vs Muchova

Form: W W W W W

At first glance, Svitolina seemed to have a quarter-finals against a lesser known sport in the Czech Republic, Karolina Muchova. It was not at all like this, even if the score can be misleading, the Czech sportsman opposed a strong resistance to the Ukrainians.
Svitolina is a player whose game is based on strength, the match with Halep will be a duel between Elaine’s continual offensive and the extraordinary defensive characteristic of romance.
In the record of direct matches, the Ukrainian has a moral ascendant towards Simona, leading 4-2.

4.News, analysis, statistics and ancnronics about the 2 players.

  • He is on the third position of the WTA for months on the second place.
  • She has three consecutive defeats in front of Elin Svitolina.
  • Last year he abandoned the semifinals.
  • He has only one defeat in the last 8 games played.
  • He has 18 titles earned in his career, the Roland Garros 2018 being the most important.
  • He is the 7th WTA.
  • He has not lost any set in the last 3 games played against Simone.
  • He has only one defeat in the last 7 games.
  • He never surpassed the quarterfinals at a Grand Slam tournament.
  • For several weeks he has been in a relationship with the Frenchman Gael Monfils.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Simona Halep vs Elina Svitolina 

Simona still relies heavily on the job, the gun that helped her in the duel with Goerges, allowing him to return to the second tie-break.
Svitolin has a very good forehand and I have seen she is able to build very nice points. Unfortunately for her, the Romanians stay well in the defensive and they do well in long rallies.
It will be a match of pride because our player wants to break the recent negative record of the direct meetings and defeat the Ukrainian.
Elina can easily be defeated if she is forced to run a lot, and Halep is an expert in alternating angles.
I expect the Romanian to confirm today the good shape that it crosses.

Bet Tips: Simona Halep

Odds: 1.73