On Thursday, October 8, 2020, after 18.00, the second semifinal on the women’s singles table at Roland Garros is scheduled, between the American Sofia Kenin (6 WTA) and Petra Kvitova (11 WTA) from the Czech Republic.
The prognosis chosen for this duel is favorable for the more experienced player, who has an advantage in direct confrontations.

Sofia Kenin: Team form, news and statistics

Sofia (21) had a slightly more difficult course, compared to her opponent on Thursday, being dominated in many moments by lower ranked players such as Ludmila Samsonova, Ana Bogdan, Fiona Ferro or Danielle Rose Collins.
However, each time he managed to mobilize exemplary in the important moments of the decisive sets and proved that it was not by chance that he entered the Grand Slam champions. Kenin is very strong mentally, very ambitious but he also had the technical-tactical arguments on his side.
The complete results obtained by the number 4 seed at Roland

🔺Garros 2020 were the following:

6-4 3-6 6-3 vs. Ludmila Samsonova, scoring 26 wins and making 34 unforced errors
3-6 6-3 6-2 vs. Ana Bogdan, scoring 34 wins and making 35 unforced errors
6-2 6-0 vs. Irina Bara, scoring 34 wins and making 25 unforced errors
2-6 6-2 6-1 vs. Fiona Ferro, scoring 39 wins and making 29 unforced errors
6-4 4-6 6-0 vs. Danielle Rose Collins, scoring 38 wins and 26 unforced errors

Petra Kvitova: Team form, news and statistics

Petra (30 years old) is the most experienced sportswoman in the aces square at the current edition of the French Open. She equaled her performance in 2012, when she was eliminated from the penultimate act of the competition by the Russian Maria Sharapova.
He has 126 wins and 50 losses in his slag career, winning 5 WTA titles on slow surfaces. He won 3 times in Madrid, once in Stuttgart and once in Prague. He performed best indoors.

🔺The scores recorded by the Czech during the 2 weeks in Paris were the following :

6-3 7-5 with Oceane Dodin, scoring 29 wins and making 14 unforced errors
6-3 6-3 with Jasmine Paolini, scoring 32 wins and 36 unforced errors
7-5 6-3 with Leylah Fernandez, scoring 32 wins and 36 unforced errors
6-2 6-4 with Shuai Zhang, managing 23 wins and making 29 unforced errors
6-3 6-3 with Laura Siegemund, scoring 22 wins and making 15 unforced errors

🎾Statistics of direct matches Sofia Kenin vs Petra Kvitova

Kvitova is 2-0 in direct duels.
The most recent one was won last year on the clay from WTA Madrid, with the score of 6-1 6-4, making a stormy debut with 5 consecutive games won in set 1.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Sofia Kenin vs Petra Kvitova

I bet with confidence on a better start to the game for the Czech player. Kenin has a reputation as a slow-starter, meaning he starts matches a little weaker, with many mistakes made until he sets his benchmarks, adjusts his position on the field and gets used to the trajectories of the shots coming from the other side of the net.
Kvitova has a dominant approach from the start, serves stronger and returns aggressively, putting constant pressure from the first minute. In the previous direct duel, he led 5-0 in the inaugural set, on clay in Madrid, in 2019.

Prediction Today: 2-0 Kvitova (score after game 2)
Odds: 3.25