Different sets of balls for each player, latex gloves for ball children, changing the field on opposite sides, and the spectators to stand two meters from each other in the stands. These are some of the sanitary measures presented on Friday for a return to competition when national governments allow it.

“These directives only mitigate the risk of infection with Covid-19, they cannot eliminate them,” the ITF warned, stressing that in all cases national measures will “prevail”, informs AFP, according to Agerpres.

“Each player must use his own set of balls,” the world tennis court also ruled, to limit the risk of transmission, proposing “the identification and marking of different balls for each player.”

Also to avoid contamination through the balls, the ITF has established that those who collect them “wear latex masks on the field” and masks outside it. Instead, “outdoor play” and “singles only” are part of a series of “recommended rules” and are “minimal”, as are daily tests.