This year’s Wimbledon tournament has been canceled, the All England Club, the organizer of the London grand slam, announced Wednesday. The interesting part is that the British will not have any financial loss, since the competition was provided by the organizers in case of an epidemic.

While the organizers of the French Open have acknowledged that they could suffer losses of 260 million euros if not played this year, the All England Club is protected from the worst financial effects.

The figures for 2018 showed that this competition had an annual turnover of 254.8 million pounds. Inevitably, there will be a financial impact from cancellation, such as a drop in sales revenue around the arena, but over 80 percent of the amount could be covered.

It is expected that there will be compensation for those who bought tickets and for the television rights holders after the first cancellation of this tour since 1945. The price of the insurance policy is “around seven figures”, but it seems like a great deal in keeping most of British tennis’s finances.