The organizers of Roland Garros announced on Tuesday that the second Grand Slam tournament of the year will be postponed due to COVID-19.
The French decision sparked a lot of controversy, and the Americans, as well as the representatives of the players in the ATP circuit, criticized the officials of the Grand Slam competition.

Roland Garros was due to start on May 24, but the organizers moved him between September 20 and October 4, which disturbed terribly.

⚪️Americans, very disturbed by the postponement of Roland Garos

The problem of the Americans is that now the French Open will overlap with one of the competitions organized by them, for which they have already sold all the tickets.
It’s about the Laver Cup, an ATP competition that will take place at TD Garden, the arena of the Boston Celtics.

“The tennis world has learned that the French Tennis Federation wants to reprogram Roland Garros between September 20 and October 4, 2020, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.
These data overlap with Laver Cup 2020, the competition that has already sold all the tickets and which has been sold, dispute between September 25 and 27 at TD Garden in Boston.

The announcement is a surprise to us and our partners, Tennis Australia, the American Tennis Federation and ATP.
It raises many questions, but we have a clear message for fans, sponsors and TVs: we intend to organize the competition as it is currently scheduled, “the organizers of the Laver Cup said, according to Tennis World USA.

⚪️The organizers of Roland Garros, also criticized by Vasek Pospisil

Immediately after the reaction of the Laver Cup, Vasek Pospisil, a member of the ATP Players Council, harshly criticized those at Roland Garros:
“It’s crazy what happens! The situation is so ambiguous now, and the behavior of the organizers of Roland Garros has nothing in common with the cooperation we are trying to have in the circuit!We have a calendar! We are in the middle of negotiations and we are trying to reduce the losses. The organizers of Roland Garros did not consult with anyone. It’s such a selfish behavior! They behaved like arrogant people, ” Pospisil told the New York Times.