The TT Star Series tournament takes place in Prague, and in this analysis I will detail the match between Tomas Konecny ​​and Antonin Gavlas, and I will conclude with the related bet.
Prague is a city of 1.3 million inhabitants, being the capital of the Czech Republic.
This tournament is big, with a prize pool of 87,000 crowns.
Registration is free, plus each player receiving 3000 crowns for participation only.

Tomas Konecny: Team shape, news and statistics

◾️Tomas Konecny ​​is a 34-year-old Czech, ranked 189th.
◾️And Konecny ​​is one of the very good players present here, being a long time in the ITTF world first hundred and even reaching the 60th place.
◾️Tomas is right-handed, has an offensive style of play and currently uses an Andro Treiber G. palette.
◾️Here Konecny ​​is doing well.
◾️Thus, he played 26 games, winning 16 of them.
◾️Friday he played 3 matches, winning 3-1 with Horesji, then 3-2 with Prokopov to lose at the limit, 2-3 with Vrablik.

Antonin Gavlas: Team shape, news and statistics

◾️Antonin Gavlas is a 34-year-old Czech, ranked 1145th in the world.
◾️And Gavlas is in a steady decline, having been a good player in the past, ranked 152th in the world.
◾️Since then, he has lost many points, now coming out of the world first thousand.
◾️Antonin has an important title, gold at the 2013 European, but in the mixed double test.
◾️Here Gavlas is not doing so well.
◾️Thus, Antonin played 26 games, winning 11 of them, thus having a negative balance.
◾️He comes after two consecutive victories, with Reitspies and Horejsi, but recently he has lost 0-3 with Tregler or 0-3 even with the opponent here.

🏓Direct match statistics Tomas Konecny ​​vs Antonin Gavlas

▫️In the direct meetings the score is 6-3 for Konecny, the last one taking place when Tomas prevailed 11-9 11-1 11-7.

Table Tennis  of the Day Tomas Konecny ​​vs Antonin Gavlas

Tomas Konecny ​​is one of the good players here, especially if we think that he was in the past in the ITTF world first hundred.
And now it still has a good level, having 16 victories in 26 games, generally passing slightly lower opponents.
Antonin Gavlas is not doing so well, having already 15 defeats. Comes after the big victory with Reitspies, but with the opponent here could not keep pace, losing the last two direct matches without taking the set.
So I think that Thomas is a favorite, my prediction going to his victory at a bet offered by Betano.

Bet Tips: Tomas Konecny ​​wins
Odds: 1.61