Betting picks Marius Copil vs Diego Schwartzman. The only Romanian to be present on the masculine tour of the Acapulco tournament is Marius Copil, but he will not have an easy opponent in tomorrow’s duel and will face Argentinean Diego Schwartzman. The match is scheduled to start at 18.00.

1. Latest info before playing betting picks Marius Copil vs Diego Schwartzman.

Marius Copil

Without any ATP title in his career so far, he is generally a mediocre player, but he still had some glimpses.
The current season has started modestly for our player, being eliminated on average in the second round on almost all the tournaments he has played so far.
Besides the competitions in the gym, he has a disastrous balance on the hard, where he won only one victory and three defeats.
She is the premiere here in Acapulco.
At the moment he is 74th ATP, but he is less likely to climb the rankings, given his current form.

Diego Schwartzman

He also has two previous tournaments in the tournament, the best being last year, when he stopped in the second round after giving up to Harrison.
Although it is the basis of a slap player, he did more than honorably on the hardcore this year, picking up the semifinal in Sydney and presenting in tournament 3 at the Australian Open.
He recently played a final in Buenos Aires, where he succumbed to the Italian Cecchinato in a shameful manner.
He has so far been a more prolific player than the novel because he has three titles at the ATP level.
He is currently ranked 25th in the ATP, after being ranked 11th in the past.

2. Marius Copil vs Diego Schwartzman direct meetings.

The two players did not have the chance to meet in an official match, although both of them stood old in the circuit.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Marius Copil vs Diego Schwartzman

Marius has shown that he is not yet a player able to get into the advanced stages of tournaments and I do not think he will do it anymore.
Aradean has an inconstancy that characterizes mediocre players, not being able to maintain a high level of play for a longer period of time.
Shyness is one of the main attributes that have been shown so far by the novel, which yields when it is put under pressure.
Schwartman does not feel very good on the hard, and the novel service may be a little awkward, but it compensates with good rally play.
I expect a balanced game, but I think the novel can even secure a set today.

Prediction Today:Marius Copil +1.5 sets

Odds: 1.47