It runs on Thursday night, from 03.35 am, it is scheduled only on the Romanian line present at the beginning of the Australian Open 2020 – Marius Copil (151 ATP), who can meet with the Italian Lorenzo Musetti (361 ATP). The prognosis chosen for these parties is the victory of our compatriot.

Marius Copil: Team shape, science and statistics

▫️Marius (29 years old) has to reach a career path on the main panel of the Australian Open, after the edition of 2015, 2018 and 2019.
▫️Last year it became clear in two main lines!
▫️Child managed to reach extra in terms of confidence of the official parties hard dispute outdoors, with 105 victories to 104 failures.
▫️The goalkeeper won the first game in Melbourne against Tung-Lin Wu (230 ATP) of Taipei, scoring 3-6 7-6 7-6, after 2 hours and 21 minutes of play.
▫️Asiatic had a break in the decisive set, but Marius came from the score of 2-4 and is a famous imposed followed in the tie up to 10 points, with 10-8.
▫️In the key moments of the finale, he reverberates with a quantity of hand to a product for spectacular and at the same time efficient lovers.

Lorenzo Musetti: Team shape, science and statistics

▫️Lorenzo (17 years old) is a potential with great potential, is a world leader in the ITF junior rankings.
▫️He is otherwise the champion in the title of the Australian Open, in the youth trial, after a dramatic final, won by 14-12 in the tiebreak of the decisive set, against the American Nava!
▫️However, at the pro level, there are now 4 official matches on the open air, 2 lost – 2 won.
▫️Obviously, he is a trainer and a major competitor on slag, in the first years of his professional career.
▫️Musetti passed in the first qualifications of the Israeli modesty Weintraub (without ranking) with the score of 6-2 6-1, in a duel without history.

🎾Statistics of the direct matches Marius Copil against Lorenzo Musetti

▪️The two tennis players have not faced an official party so far.

🎾What is the shape of the players in the last 5 matches?
Marius Copil

◾️Marius Copil (# 151 ATP, 30 years unfulfilled) seems to have overcome the most difficult moment, because he passed the first match in qualifying for the main panel at the Australian Open.
◾️The Romanian beat Wu Tung-Lin (# 230 ATP) dramatically, at the end of a two-hour, 23-minute marathon match, scoring 3-6 / 7-6 / 7-6.
◾️This party could have given him exactly the morale boost he needed. Marius managed 11 aces (compared to eight of his opponent) and made five double mistakes, with a 66% percentage at the first service, thus gaining 56 of the 83 points played with the first.
◾️He failed to know who to return, turning only one of the six break chances.

Lorenzo Musetti

◾️Lorenzo Musetti (# 361 ATP, 18 years unfulfilled) comes after an exciting victory, with a much simpler opponent than right, Amir Weintraub.
◾️The Italian prevailed in just 44 minutes, scoring 6-2 / 6-1, without giving his opponent a chance.
◾️The beneficiary of a wildcard, Musetti managed four aces and made no double mistakes, with a percentage of 67% at the first service and 21 points won on the first of 30 possible ones.
◾️At the return level, he turned five of the eight break chances he created throughout the game.

🎾News, analysis, statistics and progress about the 2 players.
Marius Copil

▪️He is coming for the 4th year in a row at AO, and the best performance here was in 2019, when he reached the second round, where he was eliminated by Goffin, winning a set.
▪️He is about to win 2 consecutive victories for the first time on October 14, but did not play in November and December.
▪️4 of his last 5 matches were cut in 3 sets.
▪️Has no ATP title won, but has won 3 Challenges throughout his career, all on indoor hard.
▪️# 56 ATP is the best ranking of his career (January 2019).

Lorenzo Musetti

▪️He won the AO in juniors in 2019.
▪️Comes for the first time at a Grand Slam tournament for seniors.
▪️His last 5 matches were cut in minimum sets, and Musetti won 4 of them.
▪️He is 185 cm / 75 kg and is a right-handed player.
▪️# 357 ATP is the highest ranking of his career (January 2020).

Tennis Prediction of the Day Marius Copil vs Lorenzo Musetti

I opt for the Romanian qualification in the last preliminary round of the Australian Open 2020.
Marius has on his side the net experience at a professional level.
Lorenzo Musetti is a forward player, he has all the future ahead of him, but at this time he has a major physical disability.
The child is stronger even mentally, being routinely competitive at the ATP circuit for years, with good and very good results.
The Aradean went through the super-tiebreak of the decisive set by the Taiwanese Wu (21 years), and now I think it will be even clearer, and avoid the emotions.

Prediction Today: Marius Copil 
Odds: 1.43