Simona Halep (28 years, 2 WTA) is in isolation in her apartment in Bucharest, but she lacks tennis tournaments.

Our athlete believes that this season is compromised and that no tennis tournament will be played, but she remains optimistic, hoping that everything will return to normal until autumn.

“Until August, nothing is played. I don’t know if America will play anymore because there are quite a lot of health problems there. Realistic, realistic … very realistic now, I do not think it will play again this year, but I wish very, very much for September to start playing again, “said Simona Halep

Simona Halep obeys the advice of the authorities, leaving the house only to run through the complex where she lives, and the rest of the time she spends it in the house, doing workouts, reading and watching movies.

“It is very good, believe me, to wake up in the morning without alarm. I was even told it was dangerous, because I’m going to get used to it, but there’s no question about it. But, I am very happy that I can have a normal life, different from the one I have had before, ”said Simona Halep.